Intestinal Detoxification Makes The Waist Slim?

Why do you know that with the 10 meter fold structure of the intestinal tract, this is the place that contains the most toxins in the body. Scientists have estimated the amount of waste and toxins in the intestines to weigh from 1 to 4 kg.

Intestinal Detoxification Makes The Waist Slim?
Intestinal Detoxification Makes The Waist Slim?

Depending on the person, because every day, we eat a lot of things and the waste products in the intestines can stay there for 7 to 8 days before being discharged, during which time they will ferment, rot and accumulate. remains in our intestines in the form of a substance that causes our abdomen to enlarge and become up.

Therefore, when we eliminate all waste and toxins in the intestines, the abdomen will be there immediately, you can feel this right in the first few days of detoxification. You may even find yourself losing 1 to 3 kg.

Depending on the person, it’s just weight loss, detox, not fat loss, okay? The second reason why the waist is slim and small after detoxing the red intestine is because at this time the intestines. Clean metabolism takes place more efficiently than excess fat will not be accumulated, but they are metabolized faster, thereby making the fat loss process more effective.

Losing fat to lose weight is the reason why many women eat very little but still can’t lose weight or much and still have a good body. can’t gain weight.

Therefore, you should definitely detox your intestines if you want to have a healthy body and a dream body, for support on the most effective intestinal detox solution, please follow the channel or leave a comment. Message under the comment section in this video for quick consultation support.

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