1 Fatty Acid…Reduce Insulin Resistance, Inflammation & Clogged Arteries

Today I’m going to talk about a very important thing how we can tie insulin resistance to omega threes. But first, I want you to understand a little bit about metabolic syndrome. For those who do not understand this, metabolic syndrome is a cluster of conditions anywhere from heart disease to stroke to diabetes.

And metabolic syndrome includes high blood pressure, obesity, high blood sugar, diabetes, excessive body fat, particularly around the waist, which we call visceral fat, as well as abnormal cholesterol levels. And all this is tied into, obviously, heart attacks and strokes.

1 Fatty Acid...Reduce Insulin Resistance, Inflammation & Clogged Arteries
1 Fatty Acid…Reduce Insulin Resistance, Inflammation & Clogged Arteries

Now, the first thing that happens when we’re not assimilating sugar because insulin is not doing its complete job where it’s trying to get to the receptor cells of the muscles or fat within the body, the glucose cannot absorb into the cells. So we start developing a condition called insulin resistance where there’s too much sugar.

The insulin, the beta cells, eyelids of Langerhand continue to increase more insulin until eventually the pancreas gets burned out. So with the amount of people out there worldwide, about 8 billion people throughout the world, I’m going to say well over a billion, 2 billion of these people are insulin resistant. It’s just a worldwide epidemic.

And most of us don’t realize we’re insulin resistant until we start developing other symptoms which could be too late in the game. But there is some great research out there how we can inhibit that insulin resistance or in other words, make you more insulin sensitive so you don’t develop diabetes and you keep your system obviously working in its maximum potential.

But obviously, diet plays a tremendous role, exercise plays a tremendous role. But today, everyone’s eating processed, refined foods, too much sugars, and it’s just destructing our system. So the first thing that I wanted to go into here some important things.

There is a research article called higher Omega Three. Index is associated with increased insulin sensitivity and more favorable metabolic profile in middle aged, overweight men. There is research here that shows that those people in this research shows that those people who took omega threes, which is a polyunsaturate of fatty acid, showed tremendous improvement in insulin resistance.

And what they’re tying into when it comes to insulin resistance is inflammation. Because omega three s works with inflammation, omega three prevents platelet aggregation. And if Plaquing continues to get worse in those arteries, if it’s going to the heart, that eventually can cause a heart attack.

And if it’s going to the brain, that would cause a stroke. But there’s no doubt that we look at diabetes, we look at any type of disease in the body, it’s all tied to inflammation. And if you can limit inflammation, you’re going to prevent many of these diseases from occurring within our body.

So this is a huge breakthrough, knowing that increasing omega threes will definitely increase insulin sensitivity. And by having more uptake of glucose into the cells, we’re going to have less potential problems in the future and metabolic problems that can lead to other significant diseases. Here are some information I want to share with you.

A Harvard University study found that omega three raises a hormone called Ediponectin and adiponectin increases insulin sensitivity. And so the researchers felt that it might help prevent or control type two diabetes.

We already know that what it can do for insulin sensitivity and there’s a lot of research that still need to be made when it comes to diabetes one, diabetes two, type one and two. But there are promising things that I can see today that in the future, I think many people will be surprised.

Now, a little bit about omega three s. The three kinds we have in the fish oils, we’re looking at primarily our EPA’s, which is Ecosa pentanolic acid, and our DHA, which is Dakota hexanoic acid, which are mainly found in fish. Now, those people don’t eat fish.

There are other ways of getting it through krill oil as well as the third type is your Alas, your alpha linolenic acid, which are found in plants, your walnuts, your flax seed, et cetera. So the bottom line is, we already know that omega three prevents the accumulation of platelets, it inhibits inflammation and it decreases clogging of the arteries.

That’s really important because everything, particularly when it comes to clogging arteries, is all directly tied into inflammation. Every disease is tied into inflammation, every disease known to man. So regardless of what disease you have, you need to start getting on a diet that’s antiinflammatory, anti inflammatory. That would do wonders for you.

The other thing I want to mention is because of the fact that there are a few different omegas, omega three, sixes and nine s, but omega six s are whole grains. And people who eat too much refined cereals or too many grains without getting enough omega three will have more inflammation.

It’s tied in. The research shows that too much of that omega six that causes too much inflammation can lead to more particularly coronary artery disease, more inflammation of the arteries, which potentially can lead to more blockage of blood circulation to those important organs like the heart or brain.

Understand that regardless that people talk so much about the past, about cholesterol, now we know that DLDL cholesterol, low density lipopor proteins are dangerous. Obviously that causes more plaquing. The HDL finds those LDLs and brings it back to the liver, so it can be excreted from the body.

But those people who have high LDLs along with inflammation, remember, when things start to become inflamed as the LDLs go by, as well as calcium and other minerals in the body, they can start to stick and plaque. And as they stick and plaque, that plaqueing starts to grow.

So remember, it all boils down to inflammation. So if you are taking or you are eating a lot of omega six s, which you can Google it and it can show you all the foods that you’re eating, you are having a potential risk of having inflammation in your body and actually cardiovascular disease. So here’s the bottom line.

You must get your omega three S and you’re going to say, how much should we be getting? Anywhere from 1000 milligrams up to 3000 milligrams a day, depending upon your condition. For those people who have rheumatoid arthritis or other arthritic conditions or actually autoimmune problems, by upping the intake of omega three can reduce a significant amount of that inflammation and take away a lot of your pain.

But your fatty fishes, your anchovies, your halibut, your hearing, your macro, oysters, salmon, sardines, trout are all good. Your nuts and seeds, your flaxseed, your walnuts, your chia seeds, as well as your plant oils, which they talk about, the flaxseed, the soybean, the canola oil, not really big on those, but there are other ways of getting it or supplement it through Krill or a mega three supplement. So the bottom line is that you need to eat healthy.

You need to cut down the sugars, eat more fiber, get some exercise, stay away from those refined foods, those boxed foods, those cereals. All that is no good. Go more with the paleo, the more Mediterranean, the more whole fruits with the fiber, the Cybol fiber, the insubo fiber that will make a huge difference for your health, lowering your blood pressure, lowering your bad cholesterol, lowering your triglycerides.

We know that omega three S lowers triglycerides 100%. We know that. And that’s proven. The research is out there. So this is all about insulin resistance, making you more insulin sensitive. And remember, if your sugar levels are up, your insulin levels are up, are up.

Get on those omega three S. I really think it can be a huge asset for you. And again, do your homework, google it, speak to your doctors. Again, I can’t recommend it for anyone because I’m not your doctor, but I just want to lay the foundation out for you and see you, your family, loved ones, healthy. Please share this video. I appreciate you make it a great day and leave your comments below.

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