1 Morning Cup…The Health Solution that Heals Many Problems

I want to share something with you today that’s going to make remarkable healing changes in your body for your heart, your cardiovascular system, your arteries, your intestines, your brain, your sleep, your hormones, your insulin, your glucose, and much more. The most important thing that we can do with our system in order for it to work well is to keep it clean, to keep the lymphatic system moving, help cleanse the liver, and to allow your system to work in harmony with each other.

1 Morning Cup…The Health Solution that Heals Many Problems

And if you’re looking to lose weight, here is something that’s going to do remarkable things for you. Ounce for ounce, Chia seeds have more fiber than any seed on the planet. It’s an incredible source of alpha linolenic acid and omega three fatty acid that helps promote a lower omega six to omega three fatty acid ratio. This will reduce chronic conditions such as heart disease, inflammatory conditions, cancers, as well as digestive issues.

And Chia seeds is filled with soluble fiber and that fiber will slow digestion down as well as slow the absorption of glucose into your cells. It will make you more insulin sensitive and less insulin resistive. And the fiber in Chia seeds acts as a prebiotic. It feeds your probiotic.

This is what helps build your microbiome and that will keep serotonin levels balanced to keep you happy, help depression, support brain health and build your immune system. And Chia seeds will lower bad cholesterol and triglyceride levels. It will help prevent heart disease keeping plaquing away from those arteries as this will also help prevent heart attacks and stroke.

And if you’re constipated and bloated, these chia seeds will help increase peristalsis. It will help reduce that bloating and will also help detoxify your colon. And cinnamon is rich in antioxidants and other beneficial compounds and this will help support your blood sugar control as well as preventing against heart disease and reducing inflammation. Cinnamon is loaded with antioxidants protecting your body from oxidative damage caused by free radicals.

Cinnamon is also known to help reduce the bad cholesterol as well as your bad triglycerides as this will help in preventing and helping to correct metabolic syndrome. And cinnamon has been shown to significantly increase sensitivity to the hormone insulin, which will help improve your blood sugar control. And it’s the cinnamolddehyde that has those powerful compounds that gives cinnamon its powerful healing medicinal properties.

 As cinnamon will boost metabolism allowing the body to use more energy to process the spice than it does for other foods. It will also express more metabolism boosting genes and enzymes, and it will increase thermogenesis, the body’s production of heat, by up to 20%, which ultimately burns more calories. And lemon helps promote liver function and regularity.

It detoxifies your lymphatic system as well as the liver, and it acts as a diuretic to help flush out those toxins. It will enhance your immunity. It will increase weight loss, prevent kidney stones, improve skin health, and boost energy levels and mood. And the citric acid and lemon juice has those healing medicinal properties.

It’s acidic in nature and can alter your pH and is useful in removing toxins from your blood, as many viruses and other pathogens are unable to survive in an alkaline environment. So we’re going to need one cup of water. We’re going to put it into our blender right here.

Okay. One heaping tablespoon of chia seed, one half lemon squeezed and one half teaspoon of cinnamon, preferably Ceylon cinnamon. Now, we’re going to blend it up and it’s only going to take about 10 seconds to blend as we allow everything to come together. 10 seconds.

Looks delicious. We’re going to pour this right in like this. That’s Ceylon cinnamon. And if you want to take a little bit of sweetener, I recommend a natural sweetener like stevia or monk fruit. But you really don’t need it. This powerful drink. You’re going to drink about ten or 15 minutes before your first meal. That breakfast, if you eat breakfast or lunch, whatever it may be.

And when you drink that, that soluble fiber, those chia seeds are going to start to fill you up. They’re going to start to expand in your stomach. You’re going to have lots of satiety. You’re not going to crave sugars. You’re not going to overeat. You’re going to feel a difference in your gut, your intestines, and you’re going to get so much more energy. You can also drink this before dinner if you like, as well.

But start out one time a day. See how it works for you. I believe that this is going to make tremendous changes for you. It’s going to help you shed those pounds. It’s going to help you eat smarter. But remember eating a healthy diet. Your fruits, vegetables, your legumes, your natural whole grains, lots of water. Get your sleep, make sure you’re doing your exercise.

And I will guarantee that you will see remarkable health changes going on every single day. You’ll look back in a couple of weeks and you’ll be so glad that you’re drinking this elixir. I hope this really makes big changes in your health. Please share it with your friends and family. Leave your comments below. And most important, make it a great day. I’m Dr. Alan Mandel.

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