1 Move Drains Sinuses & Clears Stuffy Nose

Hi, Dr. mandel here with you. Do I have a great technique I want to share with you. Hopefully, within seconds you’ll see miracles. Our goal is to allow the sinuses to flow, allow you to breathe much easier, clean, cleaning out the eustacean tubes, which will help ringing in the ears or even dizziness or giddiness.

1 Move Drains Sinuses & Clears Stuffy Nose
1 Move Drains Sinuses & Clears Stuffy Nose

It will relieve headaches, particularly in the facial or sinus area. It’s all going to be good for you. Our goal is to apply pressure, particularly under the maxillary bone right here. If you take your fingers on top of your lip in the middle, come off about an inch and come straight up.

And you’ll feel that maxillary bone. It runs all the way across, but we want to be right about at this level. We’ll take our heel of our hands, and that’s the area we’re going to apply pressure. So when we get underneath the maxillary area, you’ll feel the bone and get way underneath there, push up and push out, and you’ll say, wow.

Immediately you’ll feel that whole nasal passage open up. As we stretch open the bones, the articulations of those joints and bones in the area, we open it right up and hold it there a good 30, 45 seconds. And by holding it there, we’re just opening up everything in there so the body can continue to flow and heal. I hope you felt that awesome experience.

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