1 Spice Added to Olive Oil – Prevent Clogging

Heart disease, cardiovascular disease, artery disease, atherosclerosis doses, clogging within those arteries lacking blood to the heart that we call a heart attack or to the brain that we call a stroke from poor diet, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure.

I’m going to share a simple remedy something that’s proven that can actually help your arteries tremendously and it’s the inner part of our artery called the intima. That’s where most clogging and plaquing occurs that’s affecting blood flow to the cells of our body.

1 Spice Added to Olive Oil…Prevent Clogging
1 Spice Added to Olive Oil… Prevent Clogging

And if you look here, the excessive fat, the cholesterol, the cellular waste, the fibrin, calcium along with white blood cells attacking the area as a result of this, this starts developing clogging or plaqueing within the inside of the artery.

And as this plaqueing gets worse it narrows the artery where less blood supply is reaching the heart, the brain or any other organ. And we know that chronic inflammation not only leads to plaquing of arteries and it will lead to other disorders like cancer, metabolic syndrome, type two diabetes, arthritis, as well as immune deficiencies.

Extra virgin olive oil has powerful antioxidants like oleocamphol that has a direct effect on the inner lining of our arteries. It’s a key driver in helping to reduce inflammation. It reduces oxidation of the bad cholesterol, the lowdensity lip or proteins and it improves the function of the endothelium which is the lining of our blood vessels.

Extra virgin olive oil helps manage blood clotting. It helps prevent unwinding blood clotting which can contribute to heart attack and stroke. And research has proven that extra virgin olive oil is tied into lowering blood pressure which AIDS in the prevention of heart disease.

And ginger is just not for diabetes. It helps reduce blood pressure as well as zispice has many powerful antioxidants including ginger roles which also plays a significant role in blood vessels to keep inflammation down. Ginger is also a key player by preventing the formation of blood clots in your arteries and blood vessels.

And the chemicals found in ginger also help lower the bad cholesterol which contribute to plaquing of our coronary arteries. Ginger is also known to help prevent atherosclerosis hardening of those arteries. And those antioxidants in ginger help maintain the elasticity of the inner lining of those arteries. Ginger is also a natural vasodilator meaning it helps the blood vessels to relax and open up so more blood can flow through extra virgin olive oil and ground.

Ginger has exceptional antiinflammatory properties. And when we look at atherosclerosis or clogging within those arteries inflammation is the primary cause. And you need to cut out those fried foods, those processed refined sugars.

You need to start focusing on natural whole foods like fruits and vegetables, things that grow from the ground, drink lots of fluids, get your exercise, get your sleep make sure you sustain your proper stress levels. All of these play a tremendous role on our stress hormones, our cortisol, our norepinephrine, our epinephrine.

You need to make sure your body’s working at ease. So let me show you how quick and simple this is to help your arteries stay healthy. You’re going to take approximately one quarter teaspoon of ground ginger and put it in a tablespoon like this. You can see it right there I put on the bottom. You’ll pour your extra virgin olive oil over it till you fill it up and you’ll just drink it right down. You can drink it at any time. I would recommend, if it was myself, to do it a couple times a day.

And this is not only healthy for your arteries, but for your entire bodily system, producing that bad cholesterol, lowering your blood pressure, keeping inflammation down, allowing you to have a better balance of glucose and insulin, better digestion, and the list goes on and on. Prevent Clogging

So please explore. You’ll feel the difference. Give yourself a week, two weeks, and you’ll see a change in your physiology. Please share this video with your friends and family. Leave your comments below. And most important, make it a great day. I’m Dr. Alan Mann dell.

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