1 Spice Bite…Opens Lungs & Airways to Make Them Feel Just Right

Oxygen is life. And if we have less oxygen than our body needs, we become sick. The organs can’t function because every cell, tissue and gland needs oxygen. I want to discuss something so important, this medicinal herb, ginger, what it can do for our lungs so we can get more oxygen to the cells of our body.

1 Spice Bite...Opens Lungs & Airways to Make Them Feel Just Right
1 Spice Bite…Opens Lungs & Airways to Make Them Feel Just Right

But the unfortunate thing is that with all the sick people who have lung issues, the body produces lots of mucus and phlegm, which makes things more complicated when it comes to healing conditions like asthma, bronchitis, COPD emphysema, any type of lung condition is going to restrict oxygen to the cells of our body.

So first, let me tell you the benefits, the medicinal healing benefits of what ginger can do for our bodies. Ginger oil is the main bioactive compound in ginger. And this is where much of the gingers medicinal properties are. It has powerful anti inflammatory and antioxidant effects.

It helps reduce oxidative stress, which is the result of having an excess amount of free radicals in the body. Yes, and many of us already know the benefits of ginger when it comes to our digestive system. Its wonderful.

The antioxidant properties can reduce bloating, it can help your digestion, it can help the assimilation, it can prevent tons of gas, it can get rid of nausea. And the list goes on. And ginger can drastically lower blood sugars.

It has powerful antidiabetic properties, it can improve your hemoglobin, a one c. It can help reverse insulin resistance and make you more insulin sensitive. And for you females who have menstrual cramps at that time of the month, ginger can be extremely effective against menstrual pain when taken at the beginning of your menstrual period.

Ginger will also reduce the bad cholesterol, which is known to cause heart disease, clogging within the arteries, as well as helping the cardiovascular system. And ginger is one of the best known remedies to help cleanse the body of mucus and phlegm.

It has specific enzymatic benefits which help remove toxins. It’s known to help your body fight off chronic diseases like high blood pressure, heart disease and diseases of the lungs, as it also promotes healthy aging.

And when it comes to mucus, in phlegm, throughout the respiratory tract, from the sinuses down the throat into the chest, into the bronchioles into the lungs, there is no other herb that can do wonderful things like ginger.

It has bronchodilation properties. What does that mean? Is that it helps dilate the respiratory tract. It helps open it up so more oxygen can get through into the lungs so that oxygen can get into the bloodstream to the cells of your body to keep you healthy.

And if you’re not a ginger tea drinker, there are many millions of people who are. And ginger does wonderful things, as we said, for our digestion after we eat, it can help us rest. The anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties does wonderful things for our immune system as well as the organs and tissues throughout our body.

But ginger tea is healthy. I would always recommend using fresh ginger if possible, because. Huh, right here, this part of the ginger was peeled. And by just taking a little bite of that ginger, yes, it’s potent. You can drink and chase a little bit with some water.

Yep, I feel it. My eyes feel like they want a water, but my lungs feel like they want to breathe immediately. When you start chewing ginger, and yes, it’s a little bit spicy, and however you want to do it, it’s fine.

But this has bronchodilation effects within the respiratory tract. And just by chewing it, not only is it healthy for your gastrointestinal system, but it’s going to help dissolve that mucus, release that mucus from the body, that phlegm.

It’s going to help you breathe easier. And again, this is extremely healthy for all the cells throughout our body. So next time you have any issues or you know someone that does that’s having phlegm, mucus from the flu, from the cold, just start chewing on a little bit of ginger.

Hmm. I love ginger. Yes, it’s potent. Go ahead and chase a little bit of water. I’ll swallow it. You don’t have to, but just chew it as long as you can to get that ginger, all those anti inflammatory, medicinal, healing chemicals into your system, and I promise you, you will definitely see a magical change.

I hope you enjoyed this video. Please share it with your friends and family. I wish you only good health. Make it a great day. I’m Dr. Alan Mandela.

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