1 Vitamin Boosts Collagen…The Secret to Younger Looking Skin

Welcome, everyone. Dr. Mandel here. Everyone would love to have beautiful skin to prevent those wrinkles from occurring on our face. There’s billions of dollars being spent on all types of promises to repair your wrinkles.

Is it really true? Collagen is the most prevalent protein in your skin. It’s the primary component of connective tissue, and it helps keep your skin looking young.

1 Vitamin Boosts Collagen...The Secret to Younger Looking Skin
1 Vitamin Boosts Collagen…The Secret to Younger Looking Skin

Elastin is the protein that works along with collagen to keep your skin firm and tight, giving it the elasticity that prevents fine lines and wrinkles from forming. The outer layer of our skin is called the epidermis, and it is the thinnest layer, and this protects our skin from the environment.

The dermis, or the middle layer, is what determines the strength and structure of your skin. This is where you’ll find your blood vessels, hair follicles, and sebaceous glands. The dermis contains fibroblasts. These are cells responsible for synthesizing important proteins like collagen and elastin.

The lowest layer is the hypodermis, or the fatty layer. This is where you’ll find the sweat glands as well as additional collagen that supports the structure of the skin. When you are born, your body has plenty of these proteins, plenty of collagen. Your skin is so soft and beautiful.

But as we age, our collagen production continues to decline about 1% per year after the age of 20. And that’s why you start noticing those fine lines around the lips, the nasal region, or even around the forehead and eyes, because your skin is getting thinner and you’re losing collagen.

Throughout the media, we come across so many different kinds of promises and creams that can remove our wrinkles. But guess what? If there’s one thing that you need to do is start hydrating, because water is going to be the most important and least expensive thing that you can do to help your facial region.

Water keeps your body hydrated and refreshed and helps maintain your skin’s elasticity. So people who drink large amounts of water are less likely to suffer from scars, wrinkles and soft lines. And they won’t show as many signs of aging as those who drink little amounts of water.

If you want to keep your skin smooth and plumped, eat your omega three s. Eat your fatty acids, those healthy fats, your salmon, nuts, avocado, the list can go on. But those healthy fats will do wonders for the cells of your body, your brain, as well as the organs and tissues.

To keep your face wrinkle free, smooth and plumped, you need to be careful of the sun. When we’re young, we think we’re okay. We start approaching the, we start looking at ourself in the mirror and we wonder why those wrinkles are everywhere.

You must protect your face with a good SPF 30 and be aware of those rays. They are dangerous. There are many nutrients to choose from, but my favorite is vitamin C. A good time release vitamin C can do wonders.

Because vitamin C builds collagen. It’s responsible for holding the cells together as the body creates more collagen. It can also help repair the damaged skin that has already occurred. As you see here, you can get plenty of your vitamin C by choosing the right foods. So make the right choices.

You may not be a cook, but if you love to make soup, make that bone broth. By simmering bones in water, you’re extracting the collagen. You can season this with vegetables and spices or whatever you like. Bone broth will definitely boost your skin’s collagen.

It will help keep your skin smooth and firm and reduce those wrinkles. Now, for many of you who do not eat meat, you can take collagen peptides. There are many different nutritional supplements on the market today that will get the job done to keep your skin looking beautiful and remove those wrinkles.

So if you’re a smoker or you’re around people who do smoke, getting secondhand smoke, you need to get rid of that. That will affect your skin. It limits the amount of oxygen to the skin, it decreases collagen production and it will cause wrinkles.

And if you’re drinking lots of alcohol, that will dehydrate you as well. That will definitely affect collagen production and cause problems in your skin. I highly recommend that you get some kind of exercise into your regimen that will increase blood circulation, increase nutrition to the cells, increase collagen production and will keep your skin looking beautiful.

So what we don’t use, we lose by just taking the pads of our hands and stimulating our facial region, tapping it, light tapping, not hard, and coming on our forehead and all around underneath the chin, even on the upper part of the neck. By stimulating right now, we’re causing hyperemia.

We’re increasing blood supply to the area. This is helping the body’s production of collagen. So make sure you take a couple minutes every day and be creative and just start lightly tapping around your facial region and you will feel that flush that blood supply.

You’ll actually feel more energetic, but that will help your wrinkles. As we age, we should continue to have smooth and beautiful skin, slowing down the wrinkle process. By putting good nutrition into our body and doing the right things, we should see great results.

Please share this video with your friends and family. Leave your comments below. And most important, make it a great day. I’m Dr. Alan Mandel.

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