3 Master Acupressure Points Gets You to Sleep Super Fast

I have something that’s going to help you. A friend as well as a loved one. I’m going to review some specific master points that you can do at home that within minutes, you can see a tremendous change in your nervous system. It will wind you down.

3 Master Acupressure Points Gets You to Sleep Super Fast
3 Master Acupressure Points Gets You to Sleep Super Fast

It will kick up your parasympathetic nervous system so you can get the asleep fast and sleep deeply through the night. The majority of people worldwide have sleeping problems for many reasons. And we know that when we sleep, it affects our nerves, which obviously can affect many other parts of our body.

It leads to high blood pressure, obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and the list goes on. Stress plays a tremendous role in our life. So utilizing these three points will definitely make tremendous changes so you can get a good night’s sleep.

And our first point is called an meon. If you contact right about here on my ears, as you look at the chart as well, right behind it, you’re going to feel a hard bone. It’s called our mastoid process. But right behind that mastoid process, you’ll feel a depression indentation.

It’s going to be nice and soft. That’s the area we’re going to contact. You can utilize your thumbs or your second finger. And you’re just going to apply pressure. Not hard, just a moderate amount of pressure. And you can hold that point and you can lightly stimulate it.

But just hold that point for up to 30 seconds or even up to a minute. By holding that point, you’re going to feel some neurological changes. Your parasympathetic system is going to kick up. You may feel changes behind your eyes, over your head, throughout your body.

Everyone experiences different changes. You’re going to hold that up to 30 seconds for now. And you can even close your eyes. It will definitely slow your body down and get you to relax very quick. The second point is h t seven. We call it heart seven or shenmen.

You’re going to come right down the little finger, all the way down. As you come down, right at the wrist area, you’ll feel a nice big bone right there called the Pisa form. If you just go just below that Pisa form, you’ll feel a tendon.

So right below that Pisa form and right on the inside of that tendon, you’ll feel a depression right below the wrist, and you’ll use your thumb or your finger, whatever you like. At this point, I really want you to get in there and hold it, not to where it hurts, but nice and firmly.

You should be right in that big tendon, right in the inside. Of that big tendon and just hold that point. This is one of my favorite points. This will definitely wind your body down. This will cause these neurotransmitters in the brain to really start relaxing.

To tell your central nervous system it’s time to go to bed. It’s time to relax. Now, if you’re having lots of stress, anxiety, you can still utilize these points. You’ll just keep holding it. I’m feeling some changes behind my eyes. I feel relaxed.

These points are very, very effective. And you can actually hold this one up to a minute. You can do one hand, and if you’re not really feeling those results as well as you think you should, do, both hands. And again, hold them both up to a minute if needed.

And this last master point is called lv three. It’s a liver meridian, very powerful, located right where the first and the second toe meet, as you can see on this diagram right here. So if this was my foot, this is my second toe, my first toe, right where it meets.

That’s the point you’re going to push right there. You can utilize your thumb behind it, or you can put your thumb this way or this way, whatever’s easier to contact. But hold that point right now. You can hold both points at the same time, one or the other, whatever seems to work best. And you will find that out as you do this technique.

Now this is powerful. This point. You will generally feel changes behind the nasal area, behind the eyes, up in the head. You may feel like a wave come over you, close your eyes for a few seconds. It will really slow you down.

Kick in your parasympathetic nervous system to get you to really relax and wind you down. This will definitely help you get to sleep faster. It will help regulate those neurotransmitters in the brain and this will get you to sleep much deeper.

You’ll hold those points up to 30 seconds for now or even up to a minute when you do it on your own, and you will definitely see those results. So start utilizing these meridian points. Do them before bed. You will really see amazing changes.

You can do this anytime during the day if you feel anxious, stressed out. This will really lower your blood pressure. It will slow your pulse rate up. It will really get you to relax. These points have been utilized for thousands of years and this is a great thing for you to know and to share with your family and friends.

I hope you enjoyed this video. Please leave your comments below because I do expect many and most important, make it a great day. I’m Dr. Alan Mandel.

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