Blindness, Causes, Signs and Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

Today’s topic is blindness. Blindness is a vision problem characterized by a complete lack of functional vision. Blindness can also be described as a complete or total vision loss. For example there is an inability to see objects including light.

Blindness is a type of visual impairment where the level of sight loss is so severe that activities. That are dependent on eyesight become difficult and impossible people who go blind often battle first with visual impairment.

Which then progresses into blindness the eyes and the brain work together to create a vision the eyes are made up of different parts including the iris cornea retina and lens for vision. To be created light rays hit the back of the retina and optic nerves transmit an electrical signal to the brain.

Blindness, Causes, Signs and Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment
Blindness, Causes, Signs and Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

So the brain can process and recognize what the eyes are seeing this process happens instantly in a normal eye. However in blindness an adequate amount of light does not hit the retina. So there is a complete lack of form and light perception. About 300 million to 400 million people are visually impaired worldwide with about 50 million people totally blind in either eye eighty percent of blindness.

Occurs in people above 50 years of age in some cases people may be unable to distinguish certain colors this is known as color blindness color. Blindness is prevalent in men and the most common form of color blindness is red green color blindness where people are unable to distinguish between different shades of red and green in night blindness.

There is a visual impairment that occurs when the light is dim or at night. This type does not result in complete blindness people with night. Blindness are unable to drive at night or see stars causes. There are many diseases causing blindness and some may develop later in life diabetes.

Diabetes causes diabetic retinopathy which results in retina destruction cataracts glaucoma age-related macular degeneration corneal opacities trachoma trauma to the surface of the eye such as from chemical burns or sports injuries uncorrected refractive errors tumors.

Such as optic glioma or retinoblastoma complications from eye surgery oncochocaresis retro-lentil fibroplasia a complication from premature birth childhood blindness. Night blindness may be caused by vitamin a deficiency birth defects and a retina disease called retinitis pigmentosa symptoms.

The following symptoms can indicate a medical emergency or an urgent condition that could cause blindness a sensation that black curtain has settled over your field of view a flood of floaters in the field of vision. Sudden pain or discomfort in the eyes retina changes or dimness of vision stickiness of eyelid redness nausea and vomiting double vision or double images.

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Sudden blurry vision in one eye a gradual loss of field of vision a cloudy and blurred eyesight chronic tearing from the eyes constant eye rubbing diagnosis and treatment a thorough. Diagnosis will be carried out by an optometrist to determine the cause of your blindness tests will be performed to measure.

How your pupils react to light the function of your eye muscles and the clarity of your vision a slit lamp may also be used to determine the general health of your eyes treatment complete blindness requires approaching life in a new and different.

Way you may need to learn new skills such as using reading braille using a guide dog organizing your homes so you can find things easily memorizing keypads on your phone to prevent complete blindness do a normal regular eye check-up because early diagnosis and treatment can help slow down the process of blindness.

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