Can Chronic Tinnitus Go Away

Hello friends. Here I will share with you about a friend named Flavia Bellu. She will share with you chronic or more permanent tinnitus.

For anyone interested, I am chiming in as someone with chronic or longer-term tinnitus:

To me tinnitus is s SYMPTOM of underlying causes.

It is not a disease in and of itself.

I don’t even think of it as a condition.

It is just one of many physical symptoms anyone can have.

For me, this symptom showed up at age 54, at the onset of menopause.

To what degree it is directly related to hormonal imbalance is uncertain, since doctors – even those of Integrative or Alternative Medicine – have been useless to me

So my basic method for addressing this chronic symptom is what I call: the Ignoring Method

I’m not joking, and this is not to say that it always works brilliantly – but it usually works quite well.

What does the Ignoring Method entail? Just like it sounds: I ignore it, and carry on, as though I didn’t have this symptom. Chronic Tinnitus Go Away?

I’ve also observed over time how my mood and general physical health has a direct and at times dramatic impact on whether or not I even remember that I have the symptom of tinnitus, and the degree to which it affects me.

So, during times of:

  • Illness
  • Stress
  • Unhappiness
  • Anger
  • Depression
  • Worry

Consecutive nights of poor sleep

the symptom “spikes” and it is difficult to ignore. “Difficult”, but not impossible. 

Maybe I am a very adaptive person, maybe I have great skills in self-preservation, maybe I am better at surrenduring to unpleasant experiences – although I think of myself as stubborn, and mentally a “fighter”, always over-analyzing, which is one reason I have had sleep issues all my life.

When it is difficult to ignore, I just sort of collapse into it, and do what I need to do – cry? take a 20 minute shower to cover the sound? Maybe eat something delicious, go for a walk, call a friend, play with my pets, throw myself into a hobby – anything.

And lo and behold, sometime later or the next day I am having an easier time ignoring it.

The KEY for me has been just carrying on. Carry on and ignore it.

It is also a marker or reminder for me, that I’m not paying attention to diet or sleep habits, or other triggers that upset me, and if I improve those, I know I will feel better.

So, yeah, one could say I’ve “habituated”, but when I see people write about habituation, it looks depressing to me, like giving up in defeat to something awful. This is not something awful for me – or no longer is. It needn’t be. Here’s why I say that:

Everyone I know has something awful, or a bunch of somethings awful, that they have to deal with in their lives. This is just one of them.

I also, as a 60 year old woman, have recurring knee and lower back pain that I never had when I was younger, and I just improve it as best I can, with more awareness about sitting and posture, whether I exercise, and how I exercise. (I’m sitting on an exercise ball as I type this, which is a huge help, and I have no back pain today).

So there has been a sort of making peace with where I am, a sort of graceful – dare I say it 😮 – “acceptance” of this symptom, as though it is not really that big a deal, it is just something my ears and brain insist on doing.

My 80-something year old Dad has failing hearing. His hearing aid often annoys him, so he often won’t wear it. The loss of hearing is a huge pain in the butt to him, along with all the other “joys” of aging.

Can Chronic Tinnitus Go Away
Can Chronic Tinnitus Go Away

Same with me. I used to enjoy vibrant great health as a younger woman, now I have to watch what I eat so it won’t give me heartburn or bloating, and I have to watch my moods and habits to make sure I don’t inadvertently “spike” the tinnitus.

I love salt and salty foods. Well, if I insist on eating too much of it, it spikes the tinnitus, and I have to deal with the spike for hours. I don’t really give a fuck anymore, because it is nothing new and doesn’t really “bother” me to the point of rage or tears – it is just like a distant dog barking that might annoy you, you know it will back off soon, and eventually you won’t hear it anymore.

So I never give up one day being “free of” tinnitus. but this is important:

Read more:

I truly no longer care whether or not it backs off entirely. Why don’t I care? Why am I not so scared of it? Why does it not derail my life, and why is it not debilitating? Not sure on all those questions, except to say my Ignoring Method is excellent – for me – and is as good as medicine to me.

I also always have hope in new developments which could make it even more likely that people can retrain their brains to not even recognize tinnitus sounds anymore – similarly to how people no longer notice eye floaters, where they used to notice them constantly when they first got them.

(I have them, they bothered fuck outta me when I first noticed them, now I rarely notice the two tiny ones I have, and when I do notice them, they couldn’t interest me less).

The body can and does heal itself – if given the right tools. Never give up! And never let the symptom of tinnitus so derail you that you no longer enjoy your life! There is abundant support for all those with varying degrees of tinnitus. I hope that as soon as possible, chronic tinnitus will go away

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