Clear Stuffy Nose & Drain Sinuses in 2 Moves

Welcome. How would you feel if I can help you get rid of that sinus congestion gushing, that pain, that discomfort, as well as that stuffy clogged nose, all within 60 seconds? I have a technique I’m going to share with you that I created that’s so simple. And this technique is going to stimulate cranial nerve five called the trigeminal nerve.

Clear Stuffy Nose & Drain Sinuses in 2 Moves
Clear Stuffy Nose & Drain Sinuses in 2 Moves

And the sensory part of this nerve runs inside your nasal area as we’re going to stimulate that nasal region to send messages back to the brain as the brain will then send neurological stimulation back to this area so we can open up that nasal congestion to open up those sinuses so we can then start to flow and drain.

And by doing so, you’re going to see immediate changes in your breathing as your nasal passages will start to clear. But what’s exciting about this technique is that we’re going to affect many different structures within the sinus area.

Not only are the sinuses going to drain, it’s going to help the eustachian tubes, which are the small tubes that connect behind the nasal region to the middle ear. And many sinus congestion problems are related to clogged eustachian tubes. So by opening up these eustachian tubes, this will actually help your sinuses drain better.

So let’s get to the nuts and bolts so you can see how fast and effective this technique is. There are two parts we’re going to do. The first part we’re going to do is we’re going to take our tongue and push it up against the hard palate.

Above the hard palate, there’s what we call the bone or bone. As we put pressure up against that bomber bone, that boomer bone runs inside the sinus region, up in the sinus area. And by doing so, it’s going to help release those sinuses.

But at the same token, we’re going to take our thumbs and put it underneath the cheekbones like this, pushing the tongue up against the hard palate. Hold it up against our hard palate. As you push underneath the cheekbones, you’ll push in and push out like you’re fanning it apart. You’ll feel the cheekbones open up.

You’ll hold that about 15 seconds, keeping the tongue up against the heart, pelvic the whole time, pushing up underneath those cheekbones and spreading them. And as we spread them, you’ll actually feel changes immediately, like your sinuses are actually breathing. They open up right away, at least to some degree.

After 15 seconds, relax. And the second part is the magical part, because this is where we will stimulate the trigensal nerve inside the nasal area. You’ll get a tissue, roll up one edge of the tissue until it’s crinkled up like this.

Okay, this is the area that’s going to go inside of our nose. We’re going to put in either nostril. When you put it inside your nose, I want you to put it up against the inside and I want you to tickle it back and forth. This is going to stimulate the trigeneral nerve, and it’s going to make you sneeze and cause this reflex.

Here it comes. You will feel an immediate drainage, and you can also do the other side if you like, which I will not do. But you’ll notice that you can do this once, twice, three times by stimulating that trigeminal nerve. And you’ll start to feel drainage immediately.

The breathing passages will open up and you will start to see amazing changes. I hope you enjoyed this technique. Please share it with your friends and family. It’s safe, it’s effective.

And don’t forget to leave your comments below because I know there’ll be many. Make it a great day. I’m Dr. Alan Mann.

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