Discover This Secret Power Inside Your Nose to Heal the Cells of Your Body

There is one thing about our nose that few of us really pay attention to. It is something that could be life changing in so many different ways. During inspiration, when we breathe in through our nose, the perinasal sinuses releases a special gas called nitric oxide.

Discover This Secret Power Inside Your Nose to Heal the Cells of Your Body
Discover This Secret Power Inside Your Nose to Heal the Cells of Your Body

And this nitric oxide will make its way into the lungs, into our bloodstream, and throughout the arteries and organs, tissues and glands, throughout the entire body. And nitric oxide causes vasodilation, meaning that the bronchioles, the bronchus, the arteries, they all start to widen.

And when they widen, more oxygen, more blood supply, more nutrients get to the cells of our body. And as a result of this increased blood flow, there is more oxygen delivery to all the living cells within our body.

And nasal breathing allows air to be filtered, humidified, and warmed, which helps optimize lung function, because nitric oxide also plays a role in regulating airway tone, reducing the risk of bronchoconstriction and asthma symptoms.

And if you are one who has chronic lung problems, asthma problems, bronchial problems, chest congestion, just try breathing in more through your nasal area and watch what happens. And nasal breathing will improve circulation and heart health.

This increases the blood flow and oxygen delivery. As the nitric oxide supports the cardiovascular health, it helps lower blood pressure, it reduces the risk of blood clots, and it improves overall circulation. And that means the more oxygen the cells get, the more energy you’re going to feel, the quicker healing you’re going to get.

If you’re suffering from a chronic ailment, your body’s going to repair so much quicker. And that nitric oxide has antimicrobial properties. This will defend against pathogens in the nasal passages. It will support the function of the immune cells and helps maintain a healthy nasal microbiome.

This will reduce the risk of respiratory infections. And you’ll be amazed of your enhanced exercise performance because breathing through your nose during physical activity will improve endurance, increase oxygen utilization, and reduce breathlessness.

Because this nitric oxide’s vasodilatory effects will enhance muscle oxygenation and nutrient delivery. And nasal breathing will improve your sleep quality. It will reduce the risk of snoring, sleep apnea, and mouth breathing, as nitric oxide’s role in airway relaxation and regulation can help maintain a healthy sleep pattern.

And nitric oxide will do wonderful things for your rest, your sleep, your cardiovascular health, your immune system, your digestive system, every system within your body. It will make you focus so much more clearer. You won’t have that fogginess.

And all you need to do is start breathing in through your nose. This will automatically kick in your parasympathetic nervous system. It will wind you down, it will slow you down. It will take away anxiety. It will get rid of cortisol.

It will get rid of those fight or flight adrenaline hormones that’s causing you to be tense, raising your blood pressure, causing distraction, affecting your digestion. Those deep breathing exercises always breathe in through your nose, out of your mouth.

You could actually breathe out of your nose if you have to, but just breathing into the nose will increase that nitric oxide and the perinasal sinuses as everything will open up as oxygen will get into the lungs, more blood supply to the cells, taking stress off the heart, lowering the blood pressure and so many other positive physiological things you’re going to experience.

So I challenge you. Just try to focus more on breathing into your nose because many of us are mouth breathers and usually when we breathe in through our mouth, we have shallow breathing. And as you start working more on your breathing within your nose, your breathing will slow down.

Your relaxation will be so much easier to achieve and your health will be optimized tremendously. I hope you enjoyed this video. Please share it with your friends and family. Leave your comments below. And most important, make it a great day on I’m Dr. Alan Mandel.

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