Double Chin Dissolver: Shaping Your Jawline with Proven Exercises

As we grow older and wiser, there are physical changes that take place within our body. Gravity pushing things down in many different places. But today we’re going to talk about the double chin, the extra fat, that extra double chin that you may feel uncomfortable about.

But hold on, I’m going to share with you some great exercises that’s really going to do wonderful things for you. I promise you, if you do these exercises, you will definitely see those results. And I will share with you many different exercises.

Double Chin Dissolver: Shaping Your Jawline with Proven Exercises
Double Chin Dissolver: Shaping Your Jawline with Proven Exercises

Because when you practice these exercises, you can do all them or pick the few that seems to work the best for you. I will keep it short and I will give you the directions what you need to do at home. We’re first going to do chin jutting.

We’re going to jut our chin outwards because when we do that, we’re going to strengthen and work these muscles underneath. Just jut your chin outwards. Put your fingers underneath the chin and feel those muscles contract. Jut it forward, bring it back.

Jut it forward. Wow. Feel tight those muscles get. That’s a great exercise. But here’s the key. We want to jut the chin in different positions. So I first want you to look up at the ceiling. All the way up. Go ahead, keep looking up. Now jut your chin and you’ll feel how much tighter it is as you jut it.

Go back, Juttle again. Go back, Juttle again. I want you to do 15 of those. Now I want you to jut your chin with your head straight ahead like mine. And while you jut your chin, you’re going to move your head in different positions. For example, as you go left, jut it.

As you go straight, jut it. As you go right, jut it. Then I want you to look up right, jut it. Then you’re going to look up left, jut it. And you’ll do 15 repetitions of all of those. Looking to the left, looking straight, looking to the right, looking upwards to the right, looking upwards to the left.

And that’s going to work all the surrounding muscles that are working along with those muscles so they can get stronger, which will help you with your double chin. Now, the tongue is a strong muscle and by taking your tongue and pushing it up against the roof of your mouth is going to really work those muscles. Let’s do it.

You’re going to take your tongue, push it up against the roof of your mouth, take your fingers, come underneath your neck and feel those muscles contract. Push the tongue up. Hold it 3 seconds. Relax. Push it up.

Feel those muscles contract. Relax. Push it up. Relax. I want you to do 20 of those. That’s a great exercise. And now I want you just to pretend that you’re just kissing someone or something, or your pet, whatever it is, it doesn’t matter.

But while you pucker your lips like this, I want you to look up. You’re going to do that 15 times. Let’s do a couple of them. Pucker your lips like you’re going to kiss someone. And look up. Go back down. Look up. Go back down.

Feel those muscles contract. Use your fingers. Look up. Pucker. Go down. Look up and pucker. Feel THoSe muscles contract. THat is excellent. And this next exercise is wonderful. All you’re going to do here is you’re going to open your mouth wide.

When you open your mouth wide, you’re going to stick your tongue out far as you can. Hold it there. Two or 3 seconds. Bring your tongue back. Close your mouth. That would be one particular exercise. So you’re going to want to do 15 of these. Let’s do a few of them.

This is excellent. Take your fingers. Put it underneath your chin area. You can feel the muscles really contract. Open your mouth wide. Ah. Stick your tongue out far as you can. Go back in. I know it looks funny. It’s okay. You’ll do this by yourself.

You don’t have to do it out in the public. Open your mouth wide. Ah. Stick your tongue out far as you can. Feel those muscles contract. Hold it 3 seconds. One more time. Open your mouth wide. Ah. Stick your tongue all the way out. Feel those muscles contract. 15 repetitions.

And all of us know how contagious smiling is, right? Smile makes other people smile. But what about when you frown? Don’t do it out in public, only do it at home. And I’ll tell you why. Because when you frown, these muscles really are going to kick in. All of these muscles in the neck, under the chin.

Let’s try it. Go ahead and frown. You can feel underneath your neck to see those muscles and feel those muscles contract. Let’s go. Give me a big frown. Hold it two or 3 seconds. Relax. Frown again. Wow. Relax. Frown again.

Now this will definitely practice your frowning muscles, but it will definitely help your double chin. 15 repetitions. Excellent. Remember when you were a little kid, you used to do those fish faces? We used to pucker and suck everything in like this.

Look familiar? Guess what? That is so good for your double chin. 15 repetitions. Let’s do a few of them. Pucker it in. Hold it two or 3 seconds. And relax and we’ll do it again. Let’s go pucker. Relax. Pucker in again. Come on. If you can’t do it, try.

Let’s go. Relax. Give me another 115 repetitions. Do those exercises, they are excellent. You’ll get great results. And if you have any type of little ball around the house, taking that ball, put it underneath the chin like this and resisting downwards.

Pushing down for about 5 seconds and release. Pushing down 5 seconds and release is excellent for all the muscles in the neck, those deep flexors, those flexor muscles underneath the chin as well. Just pushing down 5 seconds and release.

You do about 15 repetitions. This is a winner. And our last exercise. Would you call this an exercise? Here’s something. We want to increase hyperemia, increase blood supply, we want to get rid of the extra dates, we want to increase circulation, want to bring in nutrition, want to increase more collagen production.

How do we do it? We’re going to slap underneath the chin, just like this, all underneath the jaw. Take one hand, slap it for a good minute. Take the other hand, slap it underneath, just slap it around. When you get done slapping, after just a minute on each side, start to tingle.

That’s extra blood supply, hyperemia, that’s healing. Always end up slapping away on those muscles, on those tissues. It will do wonderful things for you. I know these exercises will help you. You can do all them. You can pick out the ones that serve you well.

You can create other ones similar to what I showed you. But do these daily, spend about five minutes. It will make a huge change. You’ll see in a couple of weeks, big changes.

You’ll see in a month, bigger changes in a couple months, bigger changes. Here’s something that we’ve been neglecting for many months or years.

So please do these exercises. I know they’ll help you share it with your friends and family. Leave your comments below. And most important, make it a great day. I’m Dr. Alan Mandel.

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