Drink This 1 Cup Before Bed to Sleep Deeply, Burn Belly Fat & Reduce Bloatin

I like to share with you this healing elixir that’s going to do many things for your body. It’s going to lower your bad cholesterol, lower blood pressure. It’s going to help cleanse your colon, help cleanse your liver. It’s going to speed up your metabolic rate as well as balancing your glucose and insulin levels.

Drink This 1 Cup Before Bed to Sleep Deeply, Burn Belly Fat & Reduce Bloatin
Drink This 1 Cup Before Bed to Sleep Deeply, Burn Belly Fat & Reduce Bloatin

When your intestines are clean, it will be so much easier for you to increase your metabolic rate so all the organs can function at its ideal performance. And by doing so, you’ll shed the pound so much easier. And many people have such a hard time losing weight because their digestive system is stagnated.

It’s not absorbing the right nutrients. And most of us have heard about bay leaf when it comes to cooking, put it in our soups or our slow cooking meals. But this has amazing healing medicinal properties and I want to explain exactly what it can do for you.

Bay leaf will improve digestion. Bay leaf will help sustain normal glucose and insulin levels and helps prevent the risk of insulin resistance and type two diabetes. And it will help lower your bad cholesterol, your ldls, and raise your good cholesterol.

Your hdls bad cholesterol is what causes that plaqueing within your arteries. And this will help your cardiovascular system and circulation work so much better within your body. It will help improve digestion, it will get rid of bloating, it will help upset stomachs.

It will soothe irritable bowel syndrome and even make your food so much easier for digestion. Mbay leaf is a great asset for your kidneys and helping work as a natural diuretic. Excreting that excessive fluid, that excessive weight that you’re hanging onto that’s causing that bloating and swelling around your waistline. And bay leaf has a compul called linol.

It helps reduce stress and anxiety. It winds your nervous system down, giving you more relaxation, more tranquility, so you can get to sleep so much easier. And cinnamon is known to help increase your metabolic rate in helping your body burn fat much more efficiently.

And cinnamon helps regulate your blood sugar levels. It will keep your glucose from spiking. It takes a load off the pancreas. It makes you more insulin sensitive and less insulin resistant. And since high blood sugar levels increase more insulin, cinnamon does the opposite.

It helps prevent this increased storage of fat and enables you to lose weight so much easier. And lemons promote fullness. It supports hydration. It boosts metabolism and helps you increase weight loss as well. But one of the key things in lemon is it helps your digestion work better.

It helps clean the liver. And by having your liver work at its optimal potential, it now has the ability to kick up your metabolism so weight loss can be achieved so much easier. So now let me share with you this simple elixir that you can put to use right away so you can get these great results.

You’re going to need four cups of water, four to five bay leaves, two sticks of cinnamon or one and a half teaspoons of ground cinnamon, the juice of one half lemon and raw honey or a natural sweetener. So here’s what you need to do.

You’re going to take a saucepan or a pot. You’re going to boil your water. Once it starts to boil, you’ll put your bay leaves as well as your cinnamon in it. Let it boil for about five minutes. Shut it off, let it steep for about five or ten minutes. Then you’re going to strain it into several cups.

You’ll put your lemon juice into each of those cups that you’re going to drink, as well as a little honey or natural sweetener. I like to drink this first thing in the morning before breakfast on an empty stomach. It’s a great cleanser, will speed up your metabolic rate.

It does wonderful things for your cardiovascular system and it will help prepare that normal insulin glucose levels while you eat, as well as help in digestive enzymes to help digest your food better. And you could also drink this 45 minutes to an hour before you go to bed.

It will increase your metabolic rate. It will help cleanse your system. It will get you to feel much more relaxed and hopefully you’ll sleep deeply through the night and wake up much more refreshed. So I hope this video serves you well. I challenge you. Try this elixir.

I know it’s going to do great for you and I like to hear your results, so put them in the comments below. And most important, make it a great day. I’m Dr. Alan Mandel.

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