Early Signs of Hormonal Decline in Women

Estrogen is a hormone that plays a big role in maintaining health. It is often understood to be associated with the female body. However, men also produce estrogen, but women produce it at higher levels.

Early Signs of Hormonal Decline in Women
Early Signs of Hormonal Decline in Women

There are early signs of hormone decline in women over the age of 30. There are some women who show the following signs:

  • The first is menstrual cycle disorder
  • The second is dry and wrinkled skin, dry hair, split ends and a lot of shedding
  • The third is to change the shape of the body that has accumulated fat and is no longer slim
  • Fourth is vaginal dryness and no longer desire sex
  • Fifth is anxiety depression or hot flashes. Temperament suddenly changed erratically
  • Sixth began to show signs of cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis.

All of the above manifestations are signs of a decline in female hormones because a person with adequate female hormones will have a smooth, youthful skin, a healthy shiny hair, and a soft body. and seductive curves.
When you find yourself showing signs of female hormone decline. Women also do not worry too much about learning lack of information that reduces the quality of their lives. Just immediately think of enhancing and supplementing female hormones to regain her health and age.
Currently, there are many ways and many foods to help women increase female hormones and effective ways.

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