Fat Causes Fat? Is Cooking Oil Better Than Lard?

Good fats also determine up to 60 percent of brain activity and if we eat good fats regularly, we will reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.
Hello friends, I’m Lucie, nice to meet you in today’s post. It is a fact that the more we chew, the more people are overweight and obese, and they often mistakenly believe that they eat too much fat.

Fat Causes Fat? Is Cooking Oil Better Than Lard?
Fat Causes Fat? Is Cooking Oil Better Than Lard?

So in the last two decades or so in American kitchens, every jar has been replaced by bottled refined cooking oil. So is that the truth? Does eating fat cause fat? Today we will learn together and clear away fat. One of the three groups of substances that are very important to the human body because currently many people mistakenly believe that eating fat will lead to overweight and obesity.
Actually, that’s not the case. The rule of weight loss is calories and we take in less calories than we release from the body. That is, if you need to eat 1,100 calories a day to lose weight, the energy consumed and the calories you need to release from the body must be greater than 1,100 calories.
Where the total energy comes from protein is thirty percent fat is thirty percent and carbs is 40 percent you see. The total energy that fat needs to lose weight in 1 day is thirty percent. Then obviously fat is not the culprit causing fat, you will ask why already fat but want to lose weight must eat up to thirty percent fat.
The fat here must be good fat not bad fat the reason that if you want to lose weight you must eat good fat is because it will prolong the digestion time of food making it take longer to reduce the amount. blood sugar and control cravings for sweets.
In addition, good fat is like a vehicle to transport bad fat to the liver for the fastest elimination from the body. It helps to speed up the metabolism and increase the rate of fat burning since then, preventing the accumulation of excess fat in the body caused.
The phenomenon of overweight, obesity and fat accumulation
In addition, good fats also determine up to 60 percent of brain activity and if we eat good fats regularly, we will reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. Eating too much sugar can release a hormone called insulin to regulate and lower blood sugar.
At that time, the burning of fat cells will be prevented from being reabsorbed and used by the body for energy. Therefore, people who eat a lot of sugar, starch, and sweets often cannot lose fat.
For that reason, if you want to lose weight and lose fat effectively, in addition to reducing calorie intake, we should definitely use good fats to reduce insulin reactions and at the same time must eat a fair amount of nutrients. Include carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and fiber especially and choose foods that have a low glycemic index.
This oats in whole grain starch is high in fiber and low-sugar fruits are slow to absorb. If you are interested in starch then leave a comment below we will talk about it later in the video.
Now we will only talk about fat, there are two types of fat, good fat and bad fat. In the type of bad fat, there are also 2 types of bad fat and extremely bad fat. Good fats are found in avocados and nuts and also in unrefined organically pressed vegetable oils.
That means it hasn’t been hydrogenated yet. In addition, good fats are also found in fish, fish meat is extremely high in omega-3 good fats, which is a type of good fat that our body cannot synthesize on its own, but must be obtained from external food sources. especially from fish, especially sea fish.
For example, herring, salmon, tuna, mackerel, tilapia, etc. bad fats are vegetable oils that you can buy at any grocery store that people leave there.
It has almost lost all the ways of healthy nutritional content but actually causes a lot of harm to human heart health and can be considered an extremely bad type of fat. Fat Causes Fat?
Next is the slightly bad fat is cow’s milk and butter is made from cow’s milk, skin and fat of all kinds of poultry raised in the family such as chicken, pig, cow, dog. Fatty ones are derived from bipedal and 4-legged animals – fish. Especially the kind of poultry or cattle raised in a narrow space, industrially raised with industrial bran, their fat has an even worse impact on human health.
Extremely bad fats, you should pay attention because they are very familiar and everyone has them in the kitchen.

The first is margarine in the form of a jar.
The second is bottled cooking oil that has been refined and hydrogenated. Examples include soybean oil, seed oil, and sunflower oil. These oils are thought to be of plant origin, but in fact, they have lost all their core nutritional value due to the hydrogenation process and only have ingredients that are harmful to human health.
The third is all foods that have been processed through refined cooking oil and have been hydrogenated. For example, water spinach or sweet potato vegetables are a very good food for human health, but after frying garlic with golden cooking oil, they have lost most of their nutrients. good for health.
Even causing bad micro-fats for the human body, or French fries, fried chicken, and popcorn, they all contain very bad fats for human health and body, but also Good fats in vegetable oils through hydrogenation have been converted into bad fats and extremely bad fats that cause the worst diseases for our heart health and for our body.
Because it increases bad cholesterol, it lowers cholesterol and increases the risk of diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, narrowing of the coronary arteries, causing stroke and gastrointestinal infections, damaging damage our immune system.
It also increases the risk of other chronic diseases. So the question is, why do they hydrogenate vegetable oils that are so good for human health or foods that are so harmful to human health?
The first reason is because it enhances the taste of the dish. Is it that the popcorn dishes or the fried foods are often more delicious than the ones that are steamed and boiled.
The second reason is that it increases the shelf life of vegetable oils. If organic vegetable oils can only be protected for 3 to 6 months, then hydrogenated oils can can be stored for up to 25 years and is not damaged.
That’s why it can be easier to distribute and easier to sell that’s also why we can buy this cooking oil. At any grocery store or supermarket near home.
The third reason is that it increases the profit for the producer. If you do a google search, you will probably find a lot of warnings about these hydrogenated cooking oils. But perhaps it has become an ingrained habit of Americans, so these foods have become popular in the American kitchen.
Since it replaced lard, Americans’ risk of developing diabetes and heart disease has increased dramatically. Still hope when you see this video, try to advise your loved ones or if you are a housewife, then switch to using pure organic vegetable oil from nuts.
And when it is absolutely necessary to deep-fry food, use hydrogenated cooking oils and remember that absolutely should not be eaten often, especially children of puberty. Lucie knows that there are many families today where every meal has a real fried dish, this habit should change and currently in the US market it is difficult to find an affordable organic vegetable oil. maybe.
Get rid of the bad fats that make us sick and the good fats we can find everywhere around us like we eat avocados, eat nuts like sesame seeds, nuts peanuts, sunflower seeds and don’t forget to add good fats with all the fish you find locally in your daily diet.
It is better to add omega-3 to your daily menu, please look at all the elderly people around you, such as aunts and uncles, parents or brothers. They are all living with chronic disease or diabetes, cardiovascular disease, blood pressure since the age of 50. Fat Causes Fat?
A sad truth that we could have prevented by stopping all bad fats and buying only good fats, right? Let’s be fastidious and smart consumers.
Only consume foods that are good for health and for the body and at the same time become your own doctor for each American family. Everyone is healthy.

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