Get a Flatter Belly in Just a Few Moves (No Sit-Ups, Equipment, or Gym)

The most important muscle when it comes to stabilizing our spine, our pelvic floor, preventing injuries, helping our lower back, disc herniations, disc bulging, bad posture, difficulties, standing up with good posture or even sitting down is strengthening that core called the transverse abdominis.

Get a Flatter Belly in Just a Few Moves (No Sit-Ups, Equipment, or Gym)
Get a Flatter Belly in Just a Few Moves (No Sit-Ups, Equipment, or Gym)

That muscle sits really deep. It’s like a big strap of muscle underneath the external abs, way deep inside that, stabilizing that lower torso, helping that lower pelvic floor. And what we’re going to do today is we’re going to strengthen it. And many of us are carrying around way too much fat around the stomach area.

This is going to help suck it in as those muscles get stronger. So it’s a win win situation. Yes, your pants are gonna fit much better. So here’s what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna go in four different positions sitting on a chair.

We’re gonna do five repetitions of all four different positions. As we hold it 5 seconds and then release. We’ll do five repetitions. Follow along with me. The first thing we’re gonna do, I want you to take your abdominal area, your belly button and suck it in towards your spine.

Let’s go, sit up straight and bring it in and hold it, 2345 and relax. Take your belly button and bring it in. It hurts. 2345, relax, bring it in, it’s going to hurt. Suck it in. Three, four, five. Relax. Two more sets. Bring it in 2345. And one more. Come on, relax, bring it in.

Sit up straight, 2345, excellent. I know it’s hurting. If you can’t go 5 seconds, then do 2 seconds, do 3 seconds. But as you progress, it’s going to get easier and easier. Now our next position, lean over to your left.

If you have handles, if you have arm handles or anything on your chair, you can lean on it. If not, you can put your arm down on it however you like, or just don’t touch anything. And now as we lean over, I want you to suck your belly in.

Let’s go, 12345, it hurts, relax, stay over. Stand up, sit up straight, lean over. Two, three, suck it in. Four, five, relax, stay over in the position. Come on 2345, relax. Bring your belly button straight back into the spine as you’re leaning over.

2345 and one more. Relax, bring it in, suck it in, I know it hurts. 23455, relax. Beautiful. Now we’re going to go in the opposite direction. Lean your torso over, try to sit up straight the best you can as we isolate different muscles. As you bring that belly button back and contract that core. Here we go. One, two, three, suck it in.

Four, five, relax. Suck the belly button into the spine, 2345, relax. I know it’s hurting you. Bring it in 2345, relax. Two more. Suck it back in. Belly button to the spine, 2345, relax. One more. You’re doing great. Stay over. I know it hurts.

Suck it in 23445, relax. Sit up straight. Take a few breaths. Now by you sucking that abdominal area in, you’re working that transverse abdominis. I know it’s sore. If you can’t do those 5 seconds, you can’t do as many repetitions. Just do the best you can.

Now I like you to scoot up to the front of the chair. Keep your back nice and straight. This is going to be a little more challenging. This is really going to help your core more than anything. I want you to take your hands and bring it up to the top of the sky like you’re reaching up for it.

Reach up to the top of the sky and just hold it up there. You feel the core work right there? Okay, come back down. Relax. Now here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to keep our hands reaching up to the sky the whole time.

We’re going to continue the five repetitions as we just did with our hands reaching up to the sky. Do your best. You are gonna feel a little burn in there. Just do your best. If you can’t go as long, it’s okay. Hands up. Reach up.

You should feel the core pivot forward from the hips as you’re reaching up to the sky. Let’s suck in the abdominal area. Bring your belly button back to the spine. 2345, keep reaching up. Relax your abs. Bring it back to the spine.

Suck your abdominal area in. Keep reaching up. Three, four, five. And relax the belly. Keep reaching up. As you feel contracture in the core. Bring the belly button back to the spine. Pull it back. Three, four, five, relax. Two more.

Keep reaching up. Belly button back. 1234. Doing great, five. Relax the abs. Reach up. Last one, pull the belly button back. Keep pulling back. Come on, come on, come on. Three, four, five. Breathe. Relax. Everyone out there, including myself, is working up a sweat because we’re working those transverse abdominis muscles.

And I’ll make you a promise. You do this exercise, do the best you can do. You work on this daily. You’ll see in seven days a tremendous change in your core in many ways. And regardless of what type of condition you have. This is for everyone. Please share this with your friends and family. Leave your comments below. And most important, make it a great day. I’m doctor Alan Mandel.

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