GREEN TEA…Burn Belly Fat While Sleeping

Welcome. If you’re overweight or know someone that is overweight, this video will definitely be an asset for you. We’re going to talk about green tea. There are many different kinds of green tea, but green tea will do wonders to help increase your metabolism and to allow your body to burn fat so you can start shedding those pounds.

GREEN TEA...Burn Belly Fat While Sleeping
GREEN TEA…Burn Belly Fat While Sleeping

A cup of coffee has approximately 100 to 130 milligrams of caffeine. Green tea has less than one third of that amount. But there’s something special about green tea. It’s the catechins, particularly epigalocadicin gallate.

That’s the magic, that’s what helps fire up your metabolism. And it helps to break down those fat cells to allow it to be released into the bloodstream to make it available for energy. And what’s exciting about greentea is that this can help everyone, including diabetics, prediabetics insulin resistance.

Green tea consumption is associated with decreased fasting glucose levels and a one C levels, as well as reduced fasting insulin levels. So think about this. In order to gain weight, we must have lots of insulin. If we can limit our insulin levels, you’re going to lose weight so much easier.

So let’s first talk about the best times that you should be drinking your green tea. Remember that greentea has ltheanine what? Ltheanine does. It allows your mind to relax, allows it to focus, and it’s actually proven that it can help you sleep as well.

So you want to drink your green tea first thing in the morning because that’s going to rev up your metabolism. Your Cortisol levels are highest and you’re going to get a second bang from that green tea, which is going to make a huge difference for your metabolic rate.

You also can drink this right before working out. This will not only help you work out and feel better, but this will really give you those great results when it comes to losing that fat. And the worst time to drink greentea is after a meal. It combined with certain minerals and food, particularly iron, copper, as well as chromium.

And many people may say don’t drink it before you go to bed because it can affect your sleep and keep you up. And that’s not necessarily true, because of the l feeling that can really relax you and actually get you to sleep faster.

And try not to drink your green tea while you take your medicine, because medicine can react with green tea. Not that it’s going to harm you, but it can lead to more acidity in your stomach. So be aware to take your greentea away from your medication.

So pertaining to your sleep, most of you should not have a problem taking it at night. And if you do take it 2 hours prior, the alpha ne will really get you to dream. It will relax your mind and it will help most of you sleep.

Now, remember that Cortisol levels are lowest in the evening. Your metabolic rate is slower. If you can boost it while you’re sleeping and help burn fat doing nothing, it’s a win win situation. I really hope that this makes a huge change for you. You can drink green tea several times a day. You need to explore what works best for you, but I know you’re going to see great results.

Remember, you need to have a good diet, exercise, hydrate, get your rest, and your body will show you the difference. Please share this video with your friends and family. Leave your comments below because there will be many. And most important, make it a great day. I’m Dr. Alan Mandel.

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