Herpes Virus Treatment

Hey everyone today we are going to briefly discuss the treatment of an infection very hard to get rid of herpes. Before we begin I must warn you that this video is for educational purposes only please do not take any medication without the examination and prescription of a practicing doctor to treat oral labial herpes simplex virus infections.

It is best to use oral acycloid in tablets of 200 milligrams five times a day for five to ten days depending on the severity for the treatment of genital herpes infections. We use the same medication oral acyclovir in tablets of 200 milligrams five times a day for five to ten days.

Iva cycloid is used for the treatment of very severe infections that cannot be treated by oral medication to treat recurrent infections that have been latent in the ganglia for a while. It is best to take the medication in the prodromal stage that means as soon as the patient experiences a tingling sensation a single dose of famicide fluid of 1500 milligrams is effective in stopping the infection from reappearing for recurring oral herpetic lesions topical.

Herpes Virus Treatment
Herpes Virus Treatment

Peniclovir or acyclovir is commonly used six times a day to suppress this condition. We can use oral acyclovir 400 milligram tablets twice a day for 5 to 10 days again depending on the severity in cases of herpetic eye infections topical.

Penichlovir or acyclovir are used usually in the form of eye drops this may be accompanied by debridement of the eye it is important to remember that steroids are contraindicated in herpetic eye infections. And will only make it worse so a correct diagnosis is very important before using any medication in pregnant women suffering from genital herpes.

It is extremely important to treat the mother before the birth of the child to prevent the transmission of this disease which could be fatal for the infant acyclovir has been found to be perfectly safe during pregnancy and has no established side effects in case of neonatal infection.

We use iv acyclovir 60 milligrams per kg for at least 21 days in cases of erythema multiforme associated hsv infections oral acyclovir 400 milligrams can be used thrice a day or bala cyclovir 500 milligrams can be used twice a day to treat hepatic weight law we use oral acyclovir in tablets of 200 milligrams 5 times a day for 7 to 10 days.

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