How to check your kidneys are healthy

How to check your kidneys are healthy, Do you want to know your real health? Listen for the following signs:

How to check your kidneys are healthy
How to check your kidneys are healthy

First, the ability to hear clearly. Hearing and kidneys are closely related. If you hear clearly, your kidneys are healthy and vice versa, if you feel uncomfortable tinnitus, sometimes you can hear it or not, you should check your kidneys right away.
Second, have shiny, smooth skin. People with good kidneys can have a youthful and youthful appearance and prevent skin aging. On the contrary, people with poor kidneys will look moody and pale.
Third, have black hair. When the kidneys are weak, the hair will soon turn gray and the hair will lose its luster, quickly fall out and become fibrous. So if you find that your hair is gray sooner than others of the same age, it could be that your kidneys are calling for help.
Fourth, the bones will be strong. People with weak kidneys will have problems such as osteoporosis, easy fracture of the leg, bone pain when you have pain. Even if your teeth are loose and easily broken, it’s time to take care of yourself.
Fifth, having a good memory The brain and kidneys are closely related, so sometimes you find yourself falling into a state of remembering Forgetting, or sometimes not remembering what you are doing or the reaction is very slow, maybe you should check your kidneys again.
If you find yourself with one of the above signs, please quickly get your kidneys checked to make sure you are always healthy. Friends and family are healthy every day.

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