How to Clean Out Your KIDNEYS Naturally

Welcome everyone. Dr. Mandel here. This information is really going to help your health. Our kidneys are one of the most important organs of our body. Healthy kidneys prevent the buildup of waste and excess fluid. It they stabilize the electrolytes like sodium, potassium, magnesium and phosphate. And they make hormones that regulate blood pressure, red blood cells and strong bones.

How to Clean Out Your KIDNEYS Naturally
How to Clean Out Your KIDNEYS Naturally

To keep it simple, healthy kidneys are critical to keep you healthy. There are many harmful things that affect our kidneys. Like overusing painkillers, using too much salt, eating processed foods, not drinking enough water, missing out on sleep, eating too much meat, eating too many foods high in sugar, smoking tobacco, drinking alcohol, and excess.

So the number one thing we must do to keep our kidneys healthy is to hydrate. Make sure you’re getting enough water to flush the toxins out and to keep the kidneys healing, these important juices start adding to your diet to help cleanse your kidneys.

Cranberry juice has miraculous healing properties. We’ve all heard how cranberry juice helps heal urinary tract infections. This helps decrease the adhesions of bacteria to the bladder and urethra. It’s also helpful in cleansing the kidneys of excess calcium oxalate, which is the main contributor to kidney stones. Beets and beet juice contain beetane, a very beneficial phytochemical.

It has antioxidant qualities and increases the acidity of the urine. Lemon juice is a miracle cleanser in the kidney. This discourages kidney stones to form. Squeezing one quarter to one half of a lemon into 8oz of hot water daily is very beneficial.

Now, many of you like mixing fruits and vegetables. That is also excellent because of the fact that you’re getting antioxidants that cleanses the liver and keeps it healthy. Ginger and turmeric is like brother and sister. This is an excellent cleanser for the kidneys.

It is also a great antiinflammatory. It also washes away harmful microbial contents of the body and improves digestion. Marshmallow has its magic effects as well. It contains diuretic properties that help to increase urine flow. It also helps to remove the buildup of toxins from the kidney.

Now, I love celery, but the roots and leaves of celery also has that natural diuretic properties that help remove those harmful materials from the body by increasing urination. It also has vital nutrients such as sodium and potassium that stimulate kidney health.

Partially is also a great natural diuretic to help cleanse the kidneys. It also removes those chronic germs that stay stagnated within the kidneys. Dandelion root also cleanses the kidneys as well as the liver. It also soothes any type of irritation that’s present.

If you like watermelons, try drinking watermelon juice. It’s a source of potassium and contains 99% water. This will really help flush out those toxins. Now, I’m a big believer in apple cider vinegar. This has done wonders for me when it comes to detoxification, cleansing your system as well as removing stones throughout your whole entire body.

This is something that will really make a huge difference taking a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to 8oz of water and drinking it first thing in the morning. I love garlic, but sometimes it doesn’t like me because I eat way too much. That’s a magical antimicrobial herb, a great cleanser and will also bring down your blood pressure. So start nourishing your body.

Put these tools to use. You’re going to feel so much more energetic and you’re going to function so much better. I ask you to please share this video with others. Leave your comments below because I believe there’ll be many. And most important, make it a great day. I’m Dr. Alan Mandel.

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