How To Get Rid of Double Vision

If you’re suffering from double vision, I can empathize. I know double vision can be distracting disorienting and frustrating. Let me tell you a story that I actually had double vision. When i was a kid i thought i had x-ray vision and that i could see through walls.

I never told my mom because i thought it was my superpower. If i told her it would go away lo and behold i end up working for a vision therapy doctor. And he diagnoses me with double vision. Now why do we see double vision double vision comes from when the right eye and the left eye are not looking at the same point in space.

How To Get Rid of Double Vision
How To Get Rid of Double Vision

Let’s say for example that your right eye crosses in well. If your left eye is pointing straight ahead towards the door and your right eye is actually pointed towards the window. The brain doesn’t know how to put those two dissimilar images together hence.

You get a double image in fixing double vision. We need to train the brain. How to better move the muscles of the eyes to bring the eyes into alignment that way they are pointing at the same image. We can do this through a treatment called vision therapy your eye. Doctor can also put something special in your glasses called prism.

Prism helps to move the images closer together so it’s easier for your eyes and your brain to align them. If you or a loved one suffer from double vision reach out to us to see. What can be done to correct it. While i once thought that seeing double vision was my superpower. I now know that double vision is not as super as seeing a single image

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