Welcome, everyone. Dr. Mandel here. If you’re constantly feeling bloated and feeling that puffiness that distension around your abdominal area, and you have a hard time taking off that weight, then this video is definitely going to be for you.


I’m sure that you would agree that the majority of people throughout the world do not eat as well as they should. Too many carbohydrates, lack of fiber, not enough exercise, and too much constipation. This leads to more auto intoxication, particularly in the colon, which could be leading to many other diseases.

So if you’re not having regular bowel movements, you have a history of constipation. You’ve never cleansed your colon. You’re always bloating after eating and always feeling gassy, or possibly suffered with IBS symptoms or digestive issues, having any kind of skin problem, including acne and psoriasis, or having a poor eating history, eating those fried foods, fattening foods, processed foods.

Well, this technique is going to make big changes for you. So everything starts from the gut, particularly our immune system. And we need to get your gut, your colon, working as healthy and as fast as possible.

So we’re going to clear up those digestive issues, balance the body’s PH level, facilitate metabolic processes, balance hormones, clear that fluid retention, and force out those toxins that’s accumulating in your colon. So you’re going to do this saltwater flush the first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Give yourself about 2 hours of time at your home.

Within about 30 minutes, maybe a little less or more, after you drink this saltwater, you’re going to notice rumbling and you’re going to be on the can cleansing your colon. So these are your ingredients. Two teaspoons of Celtic sea salt or Himalayan salt, not iodize salt. Use a one liter jar or bottle approximately 32oz of water.

Use one two lemon, which is a great detoxifier. So these are your directions. Warm the water, but do not allow it to boil. You’ll add the salt, water and lemon juice. Shake it well to help dissolve the salts. Now, drink the mixture as quickly as you can, preferably under seven minutes, but try not to wait more than ten.

Now, once you finish drinking it, you might want to lay down in your bed and just gently massage the colon. You can come up and then come around, and you can move around from side to side. And while doing so, you’re going to stimulate it to allow those salts to make its way to where it needs to go. You’re going to feel your stomach making all kinds of sounds and noises.

That is good. Now your body is going to tell you, I’m ready. And at that point, go to the bathroom and do your thing. And you will see immediate results as that bloating and distension starts to subside in front of your eyes. But don’t run away so fast, because for many people, your body may have to go back to that toilet a second or third time.

So after the flush, it’s a great idea to start adding probiotics, the good flora back in your intestines to keep you healthy. Many people repeat this technique in about two to three weeks, but as time moves forward, you’ll notice that your intestines will be working so much better and so much healthier.

I want to thank you for tuning in to this video, and I wish you good health. Please share this with your friends and family. Leave your comments below. And most important, make it a great day. I’m Dr. Alan Mandel.

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