Kollagen Intensiv Review – Can it Really Regenerate Collagen?

I want to review Kollagen Intensiv, which is one of the best anti-aging creams I came across. So what makes this product so worth buying? I will give you all the reasons why it’s much better than most anti-aging creams in this review. Hey guys and welcome back to my channel.

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Now, here’s what I’m going to cover in my Kollagen Intensiv review. I will analyze its main features, starting from its claims and producer, formula, price and others. But for the beginning, let me give you an overview on this product and why it’s my top recommended anti-aging cream.

 Kollagen Intensiv is a very potent product, which makes my top recommended anti-aging cream for 5 main reasons.

Kollagen Intensiv Review – Can it Really Regenerate Collagen?
Kollagen Intensiv Review – Can it Really Regenerate Collagen?

First of all, it’s clinically backed-up. This is a crucial aspect when it comes to health products because there are very few that have studies behind. And Kollagen Intensiv’s main ingredient is clinically tested.

Secondly, it has so many praises. Authentic reviews surely don’t lie and Kollagen Intensiv has far less complaints than most of its competitors. I also want to point out that I tried it myself and it worked really well in my case.

The 3rd reason is the possibility to buy it cheaper. This is another major criteria in my analysis. Kollagen Intensiv may seem a bit pricey (at first sight) but there is a way to get it for about 40% less than its standard price. Here’s how. Go for the largest supply (6 months). In this way, you get a gift that includes 2 extra free bottles. This means you will get a total of 8 bottles.

 Not to mention that you also get 2 other free gifts (other than the 2 extra bottles). If you make the calculations – you end up paying about $36/bottle (shipping is also free). Considering that the standard price of this product is $60, you can save around $24 for one bottle.

You’re getting 8 – so that’s about +$192 in your pocket. This is a strategy that can help you save a significant amount (in my view). So given its superior quality, a price of $36/bottle is definitely unbeatable. The 4th reason is that it lasts really long and I noticed this aspect while using Kollagen Intensiv myself.

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Its consistency isn’t very liquid so you need a small quantity of product. For this reason – a bottle ended up lasting me about 5-6 weeks. And last but not least, it’s specialists endorsed. This is a very important aspect when checking the authenticity of any product. And when it comes to Kollagen Intensiv, it’s endorsed by a medical specialist, it’s backed-up by several make-up artists and models and praised by lots of regular users (with real pictures).

I personally don’t know too many anti-aging creams with such a wide audience behind. So Kollagen Intensiv is surely effective, otherwise it would not be so highly praised, do you agree? Now, in case you decide to give it a try, there’s a discounted link in the description below this video, so you can use it to get Kollagen Intensiv for the lowest price.

Also, make sure to use the strategy I showed you about a minute ago if you want to get the very best price for it. Now, let’s take a closer look at this cream, starting with its claims and producer. The biggest advantage of Kollagen Intensiv is that it has some clinical evidence behind. According to a study – it reduces the appearance of wrinkles by 354%.

Now – that study was completely legit and unbiased: volunteers had to apply the product for 84 days, most users noticed a big difference in wrinkle reduction and skin texture also improved in most people (by 201%). In fact – Kollagen Intensiv is one of the few anti-aging creams with a study behind.

Most products only claim to make miracles (but they actually change very little). So the benefits of this cream are clinically backed-up. Actually, Kollagen Intensiv brings in several additional benefits (besides wrinkles reduction), which you can see in this picture.

That’s why it’s definitely a very potent product. Compared to most creams from the market – it’s clearly superior. Kollagen Intensiv’s producer is a brand called Skinception. This is one of the most popular companies when it comes to professional skincare: it offers products for stretch marks, elasticity, has lots of contact details and its overall reputation is excellent. Skinception’s owner is Dr. Dave David – a cosmetic surgeon with a vast experience.

This is another strong point of Skinception, as most skincare brands are owned by mere businessmen. Also – this company offers a 67 days money back guarantee (for all products). This means you can return any product you buy in this period – without any questions. So in terms of reputation and trustworthiness – Skinception looks awesome. Kollagen Intensiv has probably the very best composition from the market.

That’s actually the main reason why it’s my top recommendation: it’s formulated and created in Swizerland, it’s based on a clinically tested ingredient (Syn®-Coll) and it contains several anti-aging compounds. Plus, most of its ingredients have strong anti-aging proprieties.

As in all creams – there are no doses for any ingredient. But given the versatility of its formula – Kollagen Intensiv has all chances to be effective on paper. And that seems to be the reality as well. Now – let’s take a closer look at its main active ingredients.

Syn®-Coll is the #1 ingredient inside Kollagen Intensiv – so it’s the main responsible for its effect. According to its results in clinical trials: it stimulates natural collagen production, reduces fine and deeper wrinkles, it hydrates and prevents against sun damage. As I said – most users claim to have noticed an effect after a longer period (84 days).

So despite being a potent ingredient, it doesn’t make miracles overnight. That’s the biggest proof that its benefits are legit and authentic, if you ask me. Next, Hyaluronic Acid and everyone knows the benefits of this ingredient when it comes to skin: it increases collagen production, maintains skin elasticity and promotes hydration.

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 Hyaluronic acid tends to exist in higher quantities in younger skin. That’s the reason why you can find this ingredient in most anti-aging creams. However – I don’t necessarily recommend products that are mostly based on Hyaluronic acid. That’s because this ingredient is so common nowadays. And in terms of effect – it can help a lot more if it’s associated with other powerful compounds (like Syn®-Cell). Shea Butter is one of the best ingredients when it comes to hydration.

That’s the reason why its effect in anti-aging creams is very helpful: it deeply nourishes skin and it prevents the appearance of future wrinkles. Basically – Shea butter has more of a prevention role, if you ask me (additional to its hydrating proprieties). But it definitely helps tremendously against skin aging. Next, Peptides & Vitamins and Kollagen Intensiv also contains a bunch of peptide derivatives and vitamins.

There’s Palmitoyl Oligopeptide, Glycerol, Tocopherol, Vitamin C Palmitate and Stabilized Vitamin C. There are some additional ingredients from this category in this cream. But they have pretty much the same role and benefits. And lastly, Herbal Extracts. There’s Soybean Oil, Cucumber Fruit Extract, Green Tea Leaf and Hydrolyzed Hibiscus Extract.

Basically – these compounds are mostly helpful when it comes to hydration. So their effect is more external than internal (they don’t stimulate collagen production). But even so – they are definitely helpful. And overall – Kollagen Intensiv has an awesome formula.

If you ask me, it’s one of the best compositions from the market (if not the very best): it combines classic ingredients with herbal extracts, it’s based on a very potent compound (with studies behind) and its overall formula is unique. As I said – you cannot find this exact formulation in any other anti-aging cream. And judging after its compounds – it’s impossible that it doesn’t work. So it’s a formula I would recommend at any point.

Like most anti-aging creams – Kollagen Intensiv has an average texture. Still, I would say its consistency is a bit thicker than that of most creams. That’s an advantage, because you usually need a smaller quantity for thicker products. Other than that – here are its main consistency features: it has a whitish color, a fresh and herbal smell (very pleasant) and it soaks in very fast.

So despite being a bit thicker, it doesn’t leave skin greasy at all – probably because it gets absorbed very fast. The only feeling you get is that of a very hydrated skin. According to its instructions –you should use this cream twice a day (for best results). Use it first in the morning and afterwards in the evening. Make sure to apply it all over your face.

 Now – the process itself is pretty simple, as with most creams. However, keep in mind that you won’t see any results immediately. According to the clinical trial conducted on it – Kollagen Intensiv works in about 84 days. Or in fact – that’s about the time when you should see an improvement. This means almost 3 months – so make sure to use this cream consistently.

If you want to see how a product works – check its customer feedback. That’s exactly what I did (additionally to trying out this cream myself). And fortunately – Kollagen Intensiv has plenty of authentic opinions all over the internet. Firstly – this cream is mostly sold on its official website. However, it also has a page on Amazon (with plenty of customer reviews).

To be honest – I’m pretty sure the product sold on Amazon is NOT the original version: there are several versions (all from a different seller), some people complain it looks different than the one ordered from the official website, others claim it has some other negative features and many complain about not getting a full jar.

But despite these issues – the product has some excellent opinions on Amazon. Many users claim it’s an excellent cream, lots of women say they noticed a big change in their skin, some praise its anti-wrinkle effect, others say their skin feels much younger and softer.

There are some negative reviews as well. But most of them are related to opened/empty jars – not something about the actual effect. On the other hand, Kollagen Intensiv also has some reviews on Skinception’s website. As usual – I tend to avoid official websites because of the high rate of biased reviews. Still, the other products have an average rating of 4/5 stars (on Skinception).

That’s why I’m thinking the reviews there might be authentic. As for Kollagen Intensiv, most of its reviews have 4- 5 stars. So it’s either an excellent product (the option I tend to go for) – or those reviews are false. I also wanted to give this cream a try myself – so that I could experiment its real effect. I bought 3 bottles at once (so that I could make sure I can use it for 84 days – at least).

My skin did not look too bad even before (since I’m young). However, I still had some fine lines on my forehead. Also, I tend to have a very dry skin so hydration has always been an issue for me. I did notice a major hydrating effect from the first days. My skin felt much softer and smoother.

Fast forward about 3 months, the fine wrinkles from my forehead were almost invisible. I also noticed a change in my under eye skin. Also – my skin continued to feel soft and glowing even a few weeks after I stopped using the cream. Once again – I am not the best candidate when it comes to testing out this product.

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Since my skin looked quite well even before, I could not experience any major changes. But I did see an effect pretty fast (especially in my forehead and under-eye wrinkles). So from my point of view – this product is definitely worth trying. If I could see a difference on a young face – I’m sure an older person could see an even bigger one.

After all, it’s endorsed by many celebrities and specialists. Kollagen Intensiv is definitely not the most affordable product from its category. But that’s only at first sight. Because there is a way to get it for almost half of what it cost.

As I said – this product is mainly sold on its official website. Its standard price is $59.95/bottle but it gets much better if you buy several bottles at once. In the best case, you can get it for about $48/bottle. Shipping is free for all orders.

Also – it’s worth mentioning that every supply (even the one month one) comes with a gift. 1 month supply: sensitive wash cloth + $25 gift card, 2 months supply: 2 gifts above + an extra free bottle and 3 months supply: 2 gifts above + 2 extra free bottles. Basically – for the 6 months supply, you get 2 more bottles for free.

That’s an average price of about $36/bottle – which is definitely unbeatable. So Kollagen Intensiv can be much cheaper than what it looks like at first sight. That’s why I recommend you to follow this price strategy if you want to give it a try.

It simply makes it a much better deal. So is Kollagen Intensiv worth buying or not? It’s definitely worth it. At this point – it’s surely the best anti-aging cream I know: it has an excellent formula with clinically tested ingredients, it’s based on some original compounds, it has lots of satisfied users behind, it’s endorsed my many specialists and professionals it had some very good results in my personal test, it has a really affordable price (with my strategy) and a bottle can last a lot (even 5-6 weeks).

It’s true that it’s not a perfect product – nor the only high-quality cream from the market. But it’s a product with a very high success rate overall (and it’s not just me saying this, it’s so many people). Besides – its reduced price is extremely affordable. That especially when compared to most professional anti-aging creams from the market.

So I totally recommend Kollagen Intensiv. It’s simply the very best option when it comes to anti-aging products….at least from my perspective (and experience). If you decide to give it a try, I’m going to leave you a discounted link in the description down below, so that you can get the lowest price for this cream, which I totally recommend.

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