Kollagen Intensiv Review

I wanted to share with you my results on using collagen intensive I love this product it’s one of my top products i’ve used it for a couple of months now and I bought it off of their website and I believe it was a little over $100 for two months supply

And they’re very good if you don’t like it for whatever reason you can just send back the unused portion and they’ll give you a refund but this is an amazing product and i’ve used lots and lots of wrinkle creams I used to use nothing

Kollagen Intensiv Review
Kollagen Intensiv Review

But you know Estee Lauder Christian Dior and honestly this product works better than any of those that i’ve ever used this just works really well with my skin it’s a collagen booster and basically you know when you get older your skin produces less and less collagen and that’s what gives your skin

You know the strength and the elasticity and it gives it that you know plumped up feeling so as we get older your body produces less of that so when you use this product you just you’re putting that right back in you’re putting that moisture back into your skin

And you’ll see immediate result from this as soon as you put it on your face it’s just it’s it’s um it’s got a real nice light smell to it it’s white it’s a white cream and it’s nice and light and kind of airy it’s not a real heavy oily moisturizer at all in fact

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I don’t like I don’t like oily skin creams at all so when you put this on your skin it just really absorbs really nicely into your skin and it immediately just plumped up everything and you can put your makeup right on over it and you just instantly makes your skin appear younger and with less wrinkles which is what

We’re all looking for so this product also can help reduce photo aging which is damage from the Sun and I actually have some areas along my jawline that have you know the hyperpigmentation the dark spots so this product has helped lighten that so I’m excited about that and of course you always have to use Sun screen

I’m in the Sun a lot on the weekends I live in Florida and I play volleyball so I use like a 50 SPF and just cake it on my face but what I’m just going to work or at night like I want just a nice moisturizer to put back some of that on you know that moisture that i’ve lost and and help reverse some of the damage that

I do since I’m out in the Sun so much some of the ingredients in this product the main ingredient is water the key ingredient is a patented ingredient called syn-coll which that’s what is the collagen boosting agent so it also has she butter which has been of course used in Africa for centuries to protect against the elements

It’s got glycerin toast so for all retinol magnesium cucumber fruit extract green tea which is a great anti-inflammatory and antioxidant and I won’t bore you with all the ingredients if you would like to read more on this product

And read more about the ingredients just go to women’s and I have my written review there and I also have other reviews that you might be interested in reading about but overall I really like this product I think it’s a superior product anything that I use and I feel get immediate results from and it just feels really nice like I

That’s why I like this product so much there’s just an immediate improvement in my skin tone when I use this so I’m going to continue using it like I said i’ve been using it for two months and they say if you use it for over 80 days that’s when you really start to see the improvement so I’m hoping that continues to work

I’m 39 years old so I definitely need to put back a lot of moisture in my skin especially you know being in the Sun a lot so

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