Manager tells man he needs to remove his MAGA hat

I’m sorry, sir, I’m going to have to ask you to remove your hat. Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know hats weren’t allowed. No, hats are fine, just not that hat. Excuse me, I don’t agree with what that hat represents. If you don’t remove it, you’re not going to be served. It’s making news all across the country and even abroad.

Manager tells man he needs to remove his MAGA hat
Manager tells man he needs to remove his MAGA hat

Altercations between customers wearing make America great again hats. Eugene Joseph says employees harassed, made threats towards him, intimidating his entire family, all because, yes, he was wearing that hat.

You see right there. Make America great again. And those who don’t agree with what those hats stand for, watch as a man not only steals a teen’s Make America great again hat, but also throws a drink at him. President, you ain’t support. We’ve even seen Trump administration officials called out publicly.

I was asked to leave a restaurant this weekend where I attempted to have dinner with my family because I work for President Trump. Today at our diner, this manager has decided he’s not going to serve this customer, which is within his legal rights because of his opposing views.

And that hat, if you don’t take it off, you’re going to have to leave. You can’t refuse me service or kick me out just because of my hat. Clothing can be a symbol of pride or protest, but what you wear in public can be very divisive.

You’re at a restaurant where the manager refuses to serve someone simply because he’s wearing that hat, which supports President Trump, or this t shirt, which clearly does not. Should a person’s personal politics dictate where you can eat, what would you do? I have a right to wear this or whatever I want.

And I have a right to tell you you have to get out. Brian is settling in for a bite at the Randolph diner in Randolph, New Jersey. It’s in a county of the state that doesn’t skew too far either way, right or left politically.

And that’s why we’ve chosen it as the setting for this hot button issue. Hidden cameras on. I’m gonna ask you to remove your hat. I’m not taking off the hat. The hat is upsetting to people in this restaurant. They don’t look upset to me.

As this first set of diners gets their meals. You guys already got your food. They won’t even take my order. This woman seems to agree with our manager. Maybe she just removed her hat. But I don’t want to remove the hat. I just want to eat. He found something offensive about it, so I’m not going to get involved, but I do have to say, if you want to eat, he’s asked you to remove your hat. So does it bother you?

Does it bother you? It doesn’t bother me that you choose to wear it, but I don’t support it. You didn’t say anything to him, did you? What? People are saying things to him, that they just happened. No, I didn’t, because if I have something to say, I’ll say it to you.

Holy cow. What’s wrong? Well, thank you. At another table, these millennials clearly overhear what’s going on. They told you to take your cattle? Yeah. They won’t serve me because of my hat. Really? Yeah. Oh, my gosh. You have the right to wear that hat. Yeah, absolutely.

That’s terrible. Wow. Oh, my lord. We send Mike over to check on their table, and they’ve got some questions. Why is he serving? I mean, he’s our president. Yeah, come on. I mean, and he has the right to wear that hat. Whether or not you agree with him is irrelevant. Whether or not, you know, you should serve him. He’s not doing anything to, like, disrupt anyone here. The hat is disruptive. It’s not disruptive to me. If I say I’m a Trump supporter, would you not serve me?

You’re not advertising that you’re a Trump supporter. It doesn’t feel right when he’s not doing anything actually wrong. But the hat stands for so many things that are wrong. That’s an opinion. Yes. What would you do if he was wearing a shirt that said, impeach drugs?

That would be all right. That would be fine. And my family, we voted for Trump. But listen, I defended death. Your right to freedom of speech. If he’s not intimidating me or making me feel uncomfortable in any way, I’m fine with it. When Mike leaves the table, they welcome Brian to their party. Would you like to join us, sir? Yeah, would you like to join us?

Go over there. Join them. Join them. We could split checks now. I would. Thank you very much. Why did you stand up for me? Why did you guys stand up for me? I mean, you’re doing absolutely nothing. Yeah. You’re doing nothing wrong. You seem to be a nice guy. You’re not bothering anyone. You’re just wearing a hat. And I think it’s a little nonsense what that guy tried to do to you. All right, here we go. We’re going in. Look at the camera.

Oh, my gosh. How you guys doing? It’s. What would you do? Oh, my God, I watch your show all the time. That guy made a judgment of that gentleman sitting there just based on his hat and not based on his character, like, how good of a person he was. And I think that’s just really wrong. I don’t think that politics is a justification for not serving someone at all.

In this country, we’re blessed because you can have an opinion. You can wear a shirt that tells your opinion or a pot or what have you, and you don’t go to jail for it. Right? Doesn’t mean he has to let go of his thoughts, his morals, his convictions, anything. When you’re in someone’s environment, do the respectful thing. Just remove it.

This customer offers to help our disregarded diner. If you want me to order what you want, give me the money for it. I can put it online. And these guys, well, they tell Mike his behavior is bad for business. We’re business owners in town. We patron this place. We know a lot of people. We do. That can stop really quick. Stop really quick. We’re rolling again.

I’m allowed to wear a hat. I mean, I can express myself how I want. This is not expression. This is hate speech. This is every kind of misogyny. Homophobia, racism, bigotry, islamophobia. I can go on and on. The second these diners catch wind of what’s happening, until you take that hat off, you will not be served. I’m not taking it off.

Well, then you will not be served in this restaurant. They’re shocked and angry. Are you kidding me? Yeah, he just said that. You’ve got to be kidding. We should all get up and leave. And they act quickly, should we all get up? And I’m leaving.

Come on, let’s go. We’re out. He just told me, let’s go. I would never stay here. You’re making him leave. You won’t serve him. We won’t serve him while he’s wearing a hat that represents those. Represents what? Represents.

Make american great again. That’s bad. Making America great is an expression of nothing but a nice, hopeful thing. I would not need you following her lead. Both sets of diners are so disgusted, they head for the door all over. We’re even gonna call the news. What they don’t know is that they’re already on television. Time to tell them. It’s what would you do?

It’s what would you do? The tv show. Oh, my gosh. Come on up here. What were you thinking? I was thinking this is horrible. That this is our country. It’s America. And he had the hat on. And if he likes Trump or doesn’t like Trump, that’s ok.

I didn’t love Obama, but I supported him as president. I was, remember when he was elected, I said, you know, let’s give him a chance. Let’s see what happens. No matter who the president is, you have to respect them as being the president. Right. Of our country. It’s our country. It’s frustrating.

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