Open Lung Passages Instantly

If you or a loved one is suffering from any kind of respiratory condition, if it’s coughing, congestion, breathing, flame, mucus, I have something I want to share with you that’s going to make a huge change. We’re going to be working with a master point called lung six Kung Zhuai and we’re going to be working with the meridians, which is an energetic highway in the human body.

Open Lung Passages Instantly
Open Lung Passages Instantly

This allows the flow of energy chi to circulate throughout the body. And as we stimulate this point, you are going to feel neurological changes, particularly behind the sinus region, behind the eyes or even into the head, as well as breathing in more oxygen into your lungs.

So now let’s look at this master point, palm side up. It is a little bit higher than the midpoint along the line joining the thumb side of your wrist to the elbow crease. So now I’m going to show you where the point is located on your arm.

For visual purposes, I’m going to bend the elbow. I want to be close to the camera. Here’s the crease of our wrist. Here’s the crease of our elbow between the wrist and the elbow. You’re going to go about halfway down on the thumb side. You’re going to feel a bone right here called a radius. You’ll be inside that bone.

Wait a second. You’re going to come down towards the elbow one inch and you’ll be inside that bone. You can extend your arm if it’s easier, but you’re going to push right there. It’s going to be tender. Now the other fingers on the back will be grabbing around the back of the form like this. Here’s the thumb. You’re going to hold that point.

Now, as you’re holding this point, you’re going to feel neurological changes right behind the nasal ear, right behind the eyes, and right into the head where the brain is. You’re going to feel like you just took something to wind you down and you’ll feel as if your parasympathetic nervous system is kicking in. Immediately you’ll notice your breathing will become more comfortable.

Your bronchial vasal dilate and open up as you breathe into your nose and out of your mouth. Now I like you to take a nice deep breath. As you take a nice deep breath, breathe it in as much air as you can through your nose. You’ll let it out of your mouth and you’ll feel the amount of expansion of your lungs as you breathe in.

As you hold this point, let’s go. Keep breathing in. Keep breathing in as much as you can and when you’re done, blow it out of your mouth. Your breathing will improve, your heart rate will come down. This is a great point to use when you’re stressed out before you go to bed.

And what I like you to do when you’re done watch when you’re done with this video is I like you to take a deep breath through your nose. Normal deep breath and then hold the point and stimulate it for 1015 seconds. And do it again, and you will feel an amazing change. I hope you enjoyed this video. Please share it with your friends and family.

And most important, make it a great day. I’m Dr. Allen. Low Confidence Word Allen. Mark as Correct Mandel.

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