Patient Success With Double Vision And Blurry Vision

Hi I’m dr. Julius Daniel and I’d love patient stories we have a really cool story to share with you today about a young teenage patient that. We’ve been working with for about five months now she originally came to us because she was seeing blurry and her right eye and some double vision side to side.

I think she found out because she was going for like a learner’s permit or driver’s license that she wasn’t seen well and so they were thinking like oh my goodness maybe she’s amblyopia core doesn’t see well on that eye well.

Patient Success With Double Vision And Blurry Vision
Patient Success With Double Vision And Blurry Vision

When it we found out that she wasn’t seen well she did have some astigmatism in that eye but it was kind of almost like an amblyopia quare this I developed the ability to see is clear. So we treated her that way and she went from about a dollars worth of Lin’s prescription back in January when we initially saw her today she measured only a quarter so like 75% of that is gone but a quarter helped her to see normal helped her see 20/20.

We’re working on her to get to the point where she doesn’t need that even to be able to see 20/20 and it should be perfectly clear and doesn’t you know those so that there’s no asymmetry between the right and the left eye also working on getting rid of the double vision.

Which is something that she doesn’t see very often anymore so her story is super exciting because a lot of times we get questions can you help reduce my lens prescription. I’m nearsighted I’m farsighted. I have astigmatism the answer is yes to all of those actually or you know I have amblyopia.

Are you able to help me even though. I’m 42 or 17 or whatever name a number and the answer to that is yes so we can on all of those so go to our website at vision for life works come fill out a questionnaire for us which will kick over to us. And then we can start figuring out how we might be able to work with you or if you happen to be local just give us. Thank you

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