Rapidly Lower Blood Sugar After Eating In Just 2 Minutes

There’s one thing that every human being on this earth has in common. What do you think it is? We love to eat. That sometimes can be a problem if we’re eating the wrong foods and we’re eating too much, because all that extra glucose that we’re getting from our food, not all of it may not be getting into the cells.

Rapidly Lower Blood Sugar After Eating In Just 2 Minutes
Rapidly Lower Blood Sugar After Eating In Just 2 Minutes

And those glucose molecules that are floating around in our bloodstream can eventually get turned into fat. And we look around and we say, why are so many people throughout this world overweight? Because we eat the wrong foods and we eat too much.

But the big problem is, after we eat our meals, what do we like to do? We like to lounge around, sit back on the couch, watch TV, lay in our bed, get on our smartphone, get on the computer. Human nature likes to do those things that feel good.

And how many of us really love to get up and exercise after we eat? Not many of us at all. And I can’t blame you, because I do the same thing at times. Imagine after going out to a restaurant, you get in your vehicle and you’re driving home, and what happens?

You just can’t open your eyes because your digestion is pretty serious. Now, I want to let you know one very important thing. A new study that came out is that if you just walk two minutes after your meal, that will help a tremendous amount of glucose get into the cells of your muscles and liver without utilizing much insulin at all.

And this means that we could be reversing insulin resistance, as well as preventing ourselves from ever having type two diabetes, and at the same time, preventing us from gaining so much weight to where eventually we can lead to other problems, like metabolic syndrome.

And in a study of the Journal of Sports Medicine, researchers examined the results of seven studies that compared the effect of sitting versus standing or walking on measures of heart health, including insulin and blood sugar levels.

And it was found that light walking after a meal in increments of as little as two to five minutes was significant in its ability to moderate blood sugar levels. You will still get benefits helping glucose get into the cells, even without insulin, as the muscles are contracting.

Again, this is comparing it to the worst thing, and that is just sitting or laying around after you eat. And obviously, the more you walk after a meal, even if it’s up to 15 minutes, you’re going to continue to get better changes of more insulin sensitivity, better changes of glucose, getting absorbed into the cells, easier and better changes and more positive outcomes of preventing insulin resistance and type two diabetes.

So here’s the bottom line. You need to get off your tush more often after eating your meals, you will reap those benefits. The studies are there, and if you have problems walking because of cold weather or possibly certain areas where you live, then just do more chores or something around the house where you’re moving around and you will still reap those good benefits.

Remember, this is all about glucose. Today there are more people that are overweight and more people that are facing insulin resistance and type two diabetes than ever before in history. So I hope this video serves you well. Share this with your friends and family. Leave your comments below. And most important, make it a great day. I’m Dr. Alan Mandel.

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