Rub VICKS VapoRub on Your FEET and Feel What Happens

When you’re stuffed up from that colder, allergy that bacteria, that virus you get, all that congestion in mucus and your sinuses, that drip down your throat, that difficulty breathing because you’re all congested in your chest, you can’t get that oxygen to those lungs.

Rub VICKS VapoRub on Your FEET and Feel What Happens
Rub VICKS VapoRub on Your FEET and Feel What Happens

What can you do? And I have the answer for you. And when you cannot stop coughing, you feel miserable, you can’t function, you can’t sleep. We would do anything to stop that suffering so we can breathe normal again and feel better.

And please, I’m not here to promote thick vapor, but there are some ingredients in here that may just do miracles for your body. The three main ingredients that we have here are camphor, eucalyptus and menthol. And they’re all cough suppressants.

Although camphor and menthol can be used as a topical analgesic, and rubbing it in your joint or your muscle, it can help take away that stiffness and pain. When you have that chronic cough, it’s proven that if you take some fixed vapor rub and rub it on your chest as well as your throat, it can inhibit, it can suppress that coughing so you can get a better night’s sleep.

But I want you to know that menthol is a bronchodylator. It opens up the bronchis and the bronchials where oxygen is making its way down into the lungs. And the eucalyptus, menphone cancer together has a great effect where it can actually open up your sinuses by just breathing in inhaling it through your nose and just doing that for a couple of minutes without even putting it on your body.

And here’s the exciting part. When you’re coughing, you’re miserable, you can’t sleep, you may want to take some Vic staple rub and put it under your feet. That’s right, your feet. Because the menthol camphor eucalyptus stimulates nerve endings and those nerves send afferent, bombardment.

Those are messages. It makes its way up the legs, the thigh, the buttocks, the lower back, all the way up the spine until it reaches the medulla oblongata. And the medulla oblongata is the bottommost part of your brain.

Its location means it’s where your brain and spinal cord connect, making it a key conduit for nerve signals to and from your body. And the medulla Blancada helps control vital processes like your heartbeat, your breathing and your blood pressure, as well as what controls coughing.

So as we stimulate the feet, those nerve messages that make its way to the medulla oblongata, this inhibits the coughing reflex. And if you don’t want to use vixaporub, trymenthal try eucalyptus, try camphor. And you just might be amazed.

I hope this video serves you well. I wish you a lot of good health and I hope you feel better. Please share this video with your friends and family. Leave your comments below because I expect many and most important, make it a great day. I’m Dr. Alan Mandel.

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