Shrink Your Stomach & Look Thin-No Sit-Ups or Gym

I want to show you how you can get your stomach nice and trim without any gym. We’re going to be working our core muscles in the chair. All these exercises will be done in a seated position. And we’re going to focus on the transition. That Dominous muscle.

That’s the muscle in our deep abdominal area that supports our entire lower pelvic area, supports our back. This is the muscle that pulls everything in words. Imagine you had a core set all the way going around you.

Shrink Your Stomach & Look Thin-No Sit-Ups or Gym
Shrink Your Stomach & Look Thin-No Sit-Ups or Gym

That muscle is what’s going to bring everything in. It’s going to make you allow you to look better wearing those jeans, whatever type of outfit you’re wearing, because CPL -13 it’s going to make you feel so much thinner.

So are you ready? So first, I want you to know what it feels like when we do abdominal bracing. That’s when we’re going to contract our ABS. Contract the core. But I want you to imagine you’re holding a 20 pound bowling ball out in front of you, arms straight out in front of you. Sit up at the edge of the chair. I want you to sit up straight. Hold that bowling ball.

Wow. Contract those ABS. If you don’t contract it, those ABS are going to get weak and the bowling ball is going to fall to the ground. So hold on to that bowling ball. Hold it tight and just hold it. Feel those ABS contract. I know it’s sore.

A lot of you have been working ABS work on the court. I know it’s going to be real sore, but do your best. You’re going to hold it about 30 seconds. Hold it up. Hold it up. Hold it up. Don’t let it drop. It’s heavy. Make sure you’re contracting those ABS.

Don’t let it drop. Keep holding it. Feel those ABS. Contract. That is so good for you. Excellent. Now we’re going to engage that core a little differently just by elevating our arms a little bit higher this time. And just imagine you’re holding up the sky. Good. But I want you to lean forward from the hips and hold it up and just feel your core engage.

If you’re doing it right, you’re going to feel your core immediately. Just by holding your arms up, it’s going to kick in lots of different muscles in the abdominal area. By strengthening those muscles, this is going to do wonders for you in many, many ways. Hold that sky up.

Come on. We’re going to go a total of 30 seconds, just about another 10 seconds. The higher you hold those arms out in front of you. Reach out. Push up. As you’re holding up that sky from falling down, you’re engaging those core muscles.

Excellent. So now let’s take it one step further. We’re going to hinge from the hips as we bring our arms, as we did similar in that other position, reaching as far out as we can, holding it about four to 5 seconds. And coming back and we’re going to do a few sets, but you’re going to do a total of twelve of them to be a complete set.

Let’s go. Sit at the edge of the chair. Spread your knees a little bit. What I want you to do is I want you to reach out far as you can in front of you, way up high as you can, as you hinge forward. Let’s go. Keep hinging forward. You notice when you hinge, keep pushing out, you’re going to feel those ABS engaged about four or 5 seconds.

Come back, reach out again. Hinge forward. Squeeze those ABS. Clamp down. Beautiful. You’re engaging the core and all those muscles and come back. Let’s go again. Squeeze the core muscles. I know it’s getting sore. Mind starting to ache. Ache on me right now. Just reach up. Push up out in front of you. Squeeze the core muscles.

Let’s do one more. Come on. Squeeze as you’re hinging forward. Leaning forward. Engaging those core muscles. Clamping down those muscles. Beautiful. Remember, twelve repetitions and you’ll do one. Sit.

Now let’s go elbow to knee as we work more of the oblique muscles, the internal and external oblique, which is part of our core, as well as the erectic abdominal muscles, which is that six pack. But we’re going to actually still work the deep core muscles that we’re targeting all along.

So let’s go. We’re going to do twelve repetitions, right elbow to left knee. And then we’ll switch. We’ll go. Twelve repetitions, left elbow to right knee. Let’s go. Sit up straight. Edge of the chair. 1234. Engage those core muscles. Six. Seven.

Eight. Beautiful. 910. 1112. Wow. Let’s go. The other one. Come on. One. Maybe a little sweat for you. 2345. Engage those core muscles. Six. Seven. 8910. I know they’re burned a little bit. You’re doing great. Twelve. Excellent.

You’re doing great. Two more to go. We’re going to really work our outside of our ABS as well as those deep core muscles. Take our arms as we reach forward before now we’re going to reach all the way to the left, far up as you can reach, as you squeeze the core muscles. And then we’ll reach all the way out to the right. And we’re just going to do six on both sides.

Are you ready? But remember, you need to engage those core muscles. Sit up nice and tall and reach as high and as far out as possible. Here we go. One. Squeeze the cord muscle. Good. Two. Wow. Let’s go. Three. Squeeze those core muscles. You really feel the muscles work in there, particularly those obliques.

Good. Let’s go. One more. Come on. Beautiful. Other side. One. When you reach out, squeeze those core muscles. Two. Three. This is real good for you. Four. Reach out. Five. One more. Six. Yes. I’m sweating a little bit too, so it’s a great workout for me as well. And lastly, we’re going to do seated jumping jacks.

We’re not going to use our legs, but we’re going to wind down. We’re going to contract the muscles. So as we’re sitting up straight, nice and tall, as we bring our arms together as like we’re doing a jumping jack, when we bring them high as we can squeeze down on those core muscles, tighten them up.

So we’ll pause for about 2 seconds and we’ll come back down. We’ll do twelve of them to end up. Here we go. One, squeeze the core. These are really good.

Two, squeeze down on the core. Tighten those ABS muscles. Three, sit up straight. Four. Good. If you need to blow out and breathe out, you can track, go ahead and do it.

 Five. Six. Squeeze those muscles in the ABS. Come on. We’re almost there. Seven. Eight. Make sure you sit up nice and tall. Reach high. Nine. Come on.

Three more. Ten. Nice and tall. Eleven. I know it’s hurting. My ABS are really squeezing. And twelve. Congrats. I am proud of you. Here’s my promise. If you do these exercises daily, you are really going to see great changes in your entire body. Your core is so important not only to keep you thin in your gut, to make you look good and stand tall. It’s great for your posture.

You’re going to prevent injuries, you’re going to stabilize your back and do so many other positive things for the health and wealth of your body. So please share this video with your friends and family. Leave your comments below because there will be many. And most important, make it a great day. I’m Dr. Allan Mandel.

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