Simple Lemon Trick Will Change Your Life

I want to show you the power of your brain. You see this lemon right here? You’re holding this lemon like I am right now. Just imagine closing your eyes and feeling the texture of that lemon, moving it around in your hand. You could open your eyes.

Now I want you to smell the lemon. Bring the lemon to your nose and smell that citrus aroma. Beautiful. Take your lemon, let’s put it on a cutting board. Take your knife, and let’s cut through that lemon all the way through.

Simple Lemon Trick Will Change Your Life
Simple Lemon Trick Will Change Your Life

As you see that juice just making its way out, falling and squirting all over that cutting board. Take half of your lemon, put it on its side, on its back. I want you to cut that half of that lemon into quarters.

Now take a piece of that, quarter that lemon, and bring it into your mouth. And just chew a little bit of that lemon to get a little bit of that juice. Tangy, take that quarter of that lemon, put it up above your head. Put your head back, and squeeze that juice into your mouth.

Wow. My salivary glands are moving in the back part of the brain. You have the medulla oblongata, and this is responsible for the salivary reflex. And this sends neurotransmitters to our main three salivary glands the parotid gland, the sublingual gland, and the submandibular gland. And the salivary glands produced 99 5% water.

The rest of it is made up of digestive enzymes and electrolytes. But the purpose of saliva is threefold. One, digestion starts in the mouth. Two, this helps protect your teeth from cavities, as well as keeps your mouth healthy.

And three, this allows you to taste your food and moisten it so you can swallow your food into your esophagus, into your stomach. So what’s important here is that your brain does not know the difference between a real or an imagined event.

By you. Just thinking of what you just put in your mouth made your brain secrete saliva so your body can prepare for digestion. So please learn from this lemon experience. Start programming those positive messages in your brain about your health, your family, your future, your dreams, your goals, or whatever it is, and you will see amazing changes.

Please share this video with your friends and family. Leave your comments below. And most important, make it a great day. I’m Dr. Alan Mandel.

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