Take the Ultimate Water Challenge: Your Key to Proven Weight Loss Success

All of us, know the consequences of having too much weight in our body. Physiologically, it can lead to diabetes, blood pressure problems, as that obesity can lead to joint problems, as well as weakness within our immune system.

Take the Ultimate Water Challenge: Your Key to Proven Weight Loss Success
Take the Ultimate Water Challenge: Your Key to Proven Weight Loss Success

We know that water composes 65% to 70% of our body. And many of you are looking at this glass of water and you’re saying, well, what can this do for me to help me lose weight? Well, I’m going to tell you that if you understand the physiology of what water can do for our bodies, you are going to believe it in no time.

Because I can make a promise to you that if you do the right things, which I’m going to hopefully cover most of this in this video, and I’ll move along as fast as I can, this will all make sense to you. The first thing is that by drinking a glass of water before a meal, it takes up volume space on our stomach.

And what happens? We eat less. We don’t indulge ourself, we have more satiety, therefore, we take in less calories and therefore put on less weight. And water is calorie free hydration. So choosing water as your primary beverage can significantly reduce your daily calorie intake, especially when you compare this to sugar sweetened beverages, even fruit juices or sodas.

So by replacing these high calorie drinks with water, you will effectively lower your overall calorie consumption. And water increases your metabolic rate, it increases your metabolism. And as you drink more water, this supports the essential bodily functions, including those related to metabolism and energy expenditure, which can contribute to more effective calorie burning and weight management.

And we know that one of the greatest things that we can do to lose weight is exercise. Regardless of what type of exercise you’re doing, did you know that by increasing your water intake, you will improve your endurance and energy levels?

You’ll take in more oxygen over a longer period of time, helping your body burn more fat as your body increases that calorie expenditure. And all of us like to cheat, we like to eat certain foods, and a lot of those foods are filled with sodium.

Frozen foods, canned foods, packaged foods, even when we go out and eat in our restaurants loaded with sodium, therefore, we’re going to retain pounds of water. Fluid retention. Our belly is going to bloat.

And drinking adequate water consumption throughout the day will signal the body and brain to release that excessive fluid, lending to a decrease in bloating and a more streamlined appearance. And drinking water can also increase thermogenesis, how it’s related to the body’s energy expenditure in response to the temperature of the water consumed.

So when you drink cold water, the body must work to warm it up to match its internal temperature, a process known as thermogenesis. And another great tip when it comes to drinking water is our blood sugar levels that so many millions of people worldwide are insulin resistant.

Walking around with higher sugar levels, higher glucose in the blood, and by drinking more water throughout the day and even drinking more water after your meal. This can help the kidneys excrete that excessive blood sugar that potentially can cause problems in your body, out of the body.

So you can stay healthier. And if you are known to have poor digestion, acid reflux, bloating, constipation, adequate water intake will support your healthy digestion by aiding in the breakdown and absorption of nutrients.

This helps ensure that the nutrient utilization can contribute to overall digestive health, potentially impacting your weight management. And the majority of times that we become hungry, guess what? That’s our brain playing tricks on us.

Drink a glass of water, your hunger pains will go away. And eating water rich foods and portion control foods with high water content such as fruits and vegetables will help contribute to overall hydration and provide a feeling of fullness due to their volume. So how much water should we be drinking?

At least half the amount of ounces of your weight. So if you’re 160 pounds, half the amount is 80oz. 8oz is one cup. That means 80oz is ten cups of water a day. Now try adding one, two or even three extra cups on top of that figure and I think you’ll be covered. But here’s the challenge for you.

Start drinking a glass of water to two glasses of water before your meals, five or ten minutes before and you will see a tremendous difference that will give you satiety. You won’t overindulge, you’ll eat slower, you’ll have better digestion and you won’t put on those extra calories.

But you have a couple responsibilities. One, you must eat smart and healthy. Not eating so close before you go to bed. And you must exercise to help increase your metabolism. You must get your sleep, lower your stress levels, lower your cortisol levels.

Because when cortisol goes up from stress, that’s when we start having problems with our hormones, our ghrelin, our hunger hormone, our leptin, our satiety hormone. They become all out of balance. It’s so important to follow these rules and I promise you you will see great results.

Please share this video with your friends and family. Leave your comments below and most important, make it a great day. I’m Dr. Alan Mandel.

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