Tap 20 Seconds Over Thymus Gland and Feel What Happens 

You’re going to love this video. Why? Because you’re going to help your immune system get stronger, as well as many other things, which I’ll tell you in just a few minutes. But we’re going to focus with the thymus gland. The thymus gland is located behind that breastbone in front of our heart.

And the thymus is a crucial part of our immune system. It’s responsible for the development and maturation of t lymphocytes that we call T cells, killer t cells. And this is what keeps you healthy, keeping your immune system strong, fighting viruses, bacteria, as well as cancer cells.

Tap 20 Seconds Over Thymus Gland and Feel What Happens 
Tap 20 Seconds Over Thymus Gland and Feel What Happens 

Our thymus gland continues to get smaller as we get older, but our objective today is to stimulate the thymus gland. But I want you to understand about these t cells. There are cytotoxic t cells that kill cancer. There are helper t cells that assist in regulating and coordinating the immune response by interacting with other immune cells.

And there are regulatory t cells that are involved in the maintenance of the immune tolerance and prevention of aberrant immune responses. The importance of t cells in the immune system cannot be overstated. Their abilities to recognize specific antigens, destroy infected or cancerous cells, and to regulate the overall immune response are vital for maintaining the body’s health and combating diseases.

If you could only imagine how much our immune system, every second of our life, is fighting bacteria, pathogens, viruses, cancer. Yes, we have cancer in our body, but when our immune system is strong enough to keep that cancer from overwhelming our cells, we can fight cancer by keeping our body healthy.

And that’s why it’s so important to have a healthy diet, to exercise, to get your sleep, to keep stress levels down, to keep cortisol levels down. And if it’s your meditation, your deep breathing, whatever it is, I cannot stress how important it is, because even though you’re helping your body, your cardiovascular system, your blood pressure, you’re helping your immune system.

That’s how important it is. And now getting to the important thing, something that you can feel right away, as we stimulate that immune system, by tapping over the thymus gland, by tapping over the thymus gland, we are stimulating the sympathetic nervous system, meaning that you’re going to get lots of energy, not only energy, lots of positive changes that’s going to give that instant boost.

But there’s one thing I want to mention to all of you, that the worst time to do this technique is right before bed, because you don’t want that excessive energy before you go to bed. So now let’s stimulate the thymus gland so we can experience these changes immediately.

As you take your fingers right on top of the breastbone where the clavicles meet. Right on top. I’m going to want you to stay right in the middle of the breastbone. You’re going to come down about an inch and a half or so. That’s about it. You can use these two fingers, three fingers, however fingers you want, and you’re going to come right over that area. You’re just going to tap.

Okay, you’re going to tap about 20 seconds. You can tap a little bit longer. You’ll just keep tapping. Now, as you tap, you’re stimulating the sympathetic nervous system. You’re going to feel changes behind your nasal area. You may feel some constricting. Your sinuses may start to drain.

You may feel a lot of clarity, more focus as you stimulate that sympathetic nervous system. And as you tapped like this, after about 20 seconds, you can do it up to 30, 40 seconds. Go a little longer if you want. You just sit back and feel these changes. You may feel that tapping like it’s still happening, but it’s not. You may feel a drawing, a tightening behind your nasal area, behind the eye region.

That’s the vasoconstriction that’s occurring from that sympathetic nervous system. But as this occurs, you’re getting this adrenaline, this cortisol surge that’s going to give you that instant boost of energy. So what does that mean?

That means that when you’re feeling depleted, when you’re feeling tired, tap over the thymus. Not only will it give you that boost of energy, but you’re going to stimulate your immune system. I challenge you.

You will be amazed. So if you are one that’s always getting sick, getting colds, feeling depleted, just feeling down, lack of energy, problems, sleeping, you notice your life, your health is not the best as it should be.

This can only help you. And when you tap over that area, you don’t need to do it hard. It should not hurt you. You’re stimulating these cells. You’re stimulating your central nervous system, which is the controller of your entire body. I challenge you.

You will see these magnificent changes. You can do this several times a day, do it over the course of days, weeks ahead, and explore and see what it does to you. I would love to hear it in the comments. I ask you to share this with your friends and family.

I’m excited to see your changes and most important, make it a great day. I’m Dr. Alan Mandel.

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