Tap Here And Your Lungs Will Thank You

You welcome. Breathing correctly and getting oxygen, which is life to our cells, is one of the most critical things that we need for survival. And now everyone is in tune of this respiratory focus pandemic. And I like to share with you this proven eastern technique to help strengthen your lungs so you can breathe in more oxygen, so the cells of your body can stay so much more healthier.

Tap Here And Your Lungs Will Thank You
Tap Here And Your Lungs Will Thank You

We’re going to be working with the body’s natural energy pathways, which helps balance and strengthen the meridians in your body to give you more health and healing. Qi is the fundamental vital life force that flows through the body’s energy pathways.

Qigong means the work of gathering life energy, and we’re going to perform rhythmic tapping along the lung meridian. And if you look here at this masterpoint that we’re going to work on, it sits about two inches below the outer part of our clavicle.

So now let me show you how effective this technique really is. We are going to feel these immediate physiological changes. We’re going to use these first three fingers, the tip of our fingers. You can use these two if you like.

And you’re going to come down the outside of the clavicle. We’re going to do both sides. You’ll come down two inches. You’ll feel a groove, an indentation. That’s where you’re going to start tapping. That is our master point. Just start tapping just like this.

While tapping, I want you to breathe in through your nose and breathe out of your mouth and just continue. As you continue to tap, you’re going to feel physiological changes occurring. Most of you will feel it behind the nasal area.

At first, you’ll notice your breathing becomes easier, less shallow, more deeper. You’ll feel like you’re breathing in more oxygen and you’ll continue. Then you’ll move along underneath the clavicle and just keep tapping. I want you to do this left side for about a minute total, okay? But the majority of it should be done right in this area. Then you’ll stimulate across.

Then you’ll take the other fingers and you go back right on the outside of the clavicle, two inches below, and start tapping. These changes are going to be amazing. You’re going to be shocked. And as you keep doing this, it’s going to continue.

Over the next 10, 15, 20 minutes, your breathing will get easier. Your sinuses will start to most likely drain. You’ll feel pressure come off. You’ll feel changes in your respiration.

Just keep tapping. As we stimulate these neurological centers back to the brain, as these meridians start to flow, as it starts to clear, as it starts opening up your respiratory tract, down your bronchus and your lungs to allow that oxygen to get to where it needs to go.

Then come across below the clavicle and just keep tapping. And while doing so, you may notice lots of other changes. Your anxiety can start to fade, becoming more relaxed, more in tune with yourself.

Your breathing slows down, your respiration, your blood pressure, and this is going to kick in your parasympathetic nervous system to allow your system to work more in homeostasis, to have better balance and better health.

Beautiful. Remember that when you do this technique, you’re going to tap on the outside, the majority of your taps, and you’ll work across the clavicle, underneath on both sides. But you will have the majority of taps here and here. You should start to feel real relaxed, and many of you will start to see other neurological changes as well.

I would be real curious what you experience, but do this technique week as often as necessary. This will make tremendous changes. It’s safe and it’s effective, and this technique has been around for thousands of years. Please share this video with your friends and family.

Leave your comments below. And most important, make it a great day. I’m Dr. Alan Mandel.

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