Tap These Areas 2 Minutes a Day and Watch What Happens

Welcome. You’re going to love this video. We’re going to make it fun and entertaining. You’re going to do the exercises along with me. But by tapping or slapping our face, not where it hurts, but by stimulating our pores, we are doing so many different physiological changes.

Tap These Areas 2 Minutes a Day
Tap These Areas 2 Minutes a Day

By putting your toners on your lotions or whatever you’re doing, do it after you tap your face. This will help shrink the pores. There are many physiological reasons why we do this, and I will explain it while I’m doing these exercises with you.

So we’re going to stimulate five different areas on our face. The forehead, the eyes, the facial area, the cheeks. Here, the lips, as well as underneath the chin, that double chin. We’re going to stimulate collagen. You’ll like that one? So for video purposes and to save time, we’ll go about 20 seconds.

You can do this. 30 seconds, 40 seconds at home. Whatever feels right for you. But you are going to love this. So let’s take our fingers like this, whatever’s comfortable, and we’ll just start tapping. Good. When our body is under stress, those stress hormones can break down collagen that’s responsible for our skin’s texture and elasticity.

This will also normalize the activity of the oil and sweat glands, keeping the appearance of your face looking healthy. Now, we’ll stimulate the eyes. Take the pads of your fingers, close the eyes and the beep will tell you to stop.

So don’t worry if your eyes are closed. Just keep listening. Let’s go. Just keep tapping just like this. Nice and gentle. Don’t push on the eyeballs. Just around it. Keep stimulating it. Whatever is comfortable. Use a patch of your fingers.

Those skin cells need good circulation to heal. And tapping will stimulate blood circulation, which is linked to collagen production. Feeling good. Things are happening. Now, take the pads of your fingers, of your hands. Start tapping.

The slapping the face will dilate those blood vessels. It will help increase blood flow to the area, which can help remove those free radicals and toxins, helping the body build collagen and improve skin quality. Relaxing. This is so good for you.

So now let’s stimulate the lips to bring lots of blood circulation, to get those lips nice and plump, to increase collagen and keep them nice and healthy. Let’s make a kiss like this. Okay, protrude your lips. And we’re just going to tap on the lips.

Use one or two fingers, whatever is best for you. Good. Our face has many, many muscles, and by activating these muscles, this is boosting blood flow, as well as helping the facial muscles get rid of the lactic acid and those toxins so it could be drained through the lymphatic system.

And now the last exercise. We’re going to tap underneath the jaw. It’s a little more difficult. Colt so what we’re going to do is we’re going to look up to the ceiling a little bit. I want you to take your tongue and push it up against your hard palate.

As you do that, you’ll notice the muscles will tighten up. I want you to keep it against the hard palate the whole time. When you tap, you can use whatever fingers feel comfortable. One, two, three. Look up. And we’ll just tap underneath the jaw.

And it’s eliminating the damage from those free radicals, which is enhancing our skin’s ability to breathe by improving the flow of oxygen. And you’ll feel those muscles tighten up when that tongue is pushing upwards.

This helps plump the face and helps smooth out those wrinkles. Do you feel that sensation? That hyperemia? That increased blood supply, that stimulation? Imagine what’s going on within your body. It’s all natural, and it’s so good for your facial region.

And you’re going to feel like a million bucks, as well as save lots of money. Please share this video with your friends and family. Leave your comments below because there will be many and most importance. Make it a great day. I’m Dr. Alan Mandel.

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