The Many Things Your URINE (PEE) Will Tell You About Your Health

Welcome everyone. Dr. Mandel here. So how often should we pee? Or maybe say urinate? Or we use the medical word mick Durate, they’ll mean the same. Let’s discuss some really important things. We’ll take you through it real quick.

This is really important. You should understand this because some of these conditions may mean something else. And you’ll hear as we explain further, if you are urinating only a couple of times a day, or peeing a few times a day, you need to be aware that you are dehydrated. Remember, all your cells, your organs, your tissues need water.

The Many Things Your URINE (PEE) Will Tell You About Your Health
The Many Things Your URINE (PEE) Will Tell You About Your Health

If you even notice that you’re constipated quite often or more than normal, you’re most likely dehydrated. If you notice your urine dark, okay, it’s normally dark in the morning because you’re dehydrated when you first wake up, because you’re sleeping 68 hours. But if you notice it being dark throughout the day, you’re definitely dehydrated.

So ideally, the average number, or we say the normal number is approximately four to eight times a day, can actually go up to ten times a day, depending upon several factors, which I’m going to discuss right now. So it all is based on your age, your bladder size, your fluid intake.

If you’re drinking a lot, obviously you’re going to urinate more. Your presence of your medical condition. If you’re known to have UTI urinary tract infections or diabetes, it’s going to make you urinate more. And types of medications. If you’re on types of medications to get fluid out, like Diuretics, it’s going to make you urinate.

So if you are pregnant, hormonal levels will make you urinate as well, too. Important things you want to recognize when you look at urine, make sure obviously there’s no blood in there. If it’s real cloudy and it’s foamy, you want to be aware because that can be possible.

Kidney involvement. You’re obviously secreting too much protein into your urine. If you notice it’s painful or passing any type of discomfort, that is something you want to be aware. That could be urinary tract infection. You always want to follow up with your doctor as well. If it’s a strong smelling urine, not like asparagus, that’s normal, but more like maybe sugarish.

Sugary sweet. That could be glucose and potentially prediabetes diabetic as well. There are many things, obviously, that can affect you from going to the bathroom as well, from caffeine, sodas, teas, coffee. That will definitely excrete lots of urine. Also, when you’re excreting too much urine, this can actually make you lose potassium.

So you need to be aware to throw your electrolytes off as well. But very important when you first get up in the morning, always drink a nice glass of water, put lemon if you like. You want to hydrate because it really will make a huge difference.

So if your calcium levels are off, it can cause problems. If you have prostate issues, men, hypertrophy of the prostate, or even prostatitis, which is quite common that can definitely cause problems in your urine, make you have more frequent urinations. Sometimes you try to go and you can’t even go. That is something you want to follow up.

And there are actually herbs like salt, palmetto oil, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin seed oil, salt, palmetto. There are lots of great things like lutein and there are many herbs you can take that can actually be very helpful when it comes down to the prostate, overactive bladder, sometimes even neurological conditions. Interstitial cystitis can cause these particular kinds of problems and a big one even for the guys and girls.

 Pelvic floor weakness. You need to do Kegel exercises. Google it. Google it. You want to go ahead and squeeze your rectal, your anus together tight. It’s like you’re urinating and you stop urinating and you stop every time you stop your urine.

You’re using those muscles in the deep pelvic floor to contract that will help control any leakage during continents you may be having. So you want to look into that again. Be aware that if you are taking diuretics, you may want to speak to your doctor if you are urinating too much.

But obviously there’s a reason why he has you on those drugs because of blood pressure or any other retention of fluid. In order to manage this, obviously you want to limit your caffeine drinks that you’re eating.

You should be drinking at least half the amount of your weight in ounces. If you’re £150, at least 75oz. I even like to say twothirds of it. Water is something you’re not going to owe D on. It’s something that’s only going to help you, but a big thing with UTIs, I like Dmannose, I like Cranactin.

These are natural things you can get over the counter and this will actually cause antibacterial called bacterial adhesive adherence, antiaherence where the bacteria will not stick to the cells, to the lining of the urinary tract system.

This is a really great thing you can do that’s safe and has been very effective. A big thing I’m big with is keen cheeky for yogurt. Probiotics are extremely important because you want to strengthen the probiotics that will strengthen your immune system, that will keep the UTIs in infections or anything you’re having away.

Realize that the urethra of the females is about so big, the male urethra is a lot longer. So that’s why females do get a lot more urinary tract infections than others as compared to men. So those are the main things. I want to tell you that again, if you are urinating tremendously too much, check it out. It could be glucose, there could be other factors.

You want to speak to your doctor about that. But the average amount, as we say, is four to five times to up to eight times daily throughout the whole day. I like to drink water before I go to bed a cup. The research shows that this can prevent heart attacks.

Most heart attacks occur early in the morning, particularly early in the week. And again, remember, you are using that water for your metabolism, your heart, your lungs, your brain, your enzymes, your hormones. You need water. People say, don’t drink before you go to bed.

I disagree. If you got to get up, then you go ahead and you urinate. That’s normal. But having water in your system is so important because if you’re not going to drink for six to 8 hours, your body is utilizing that water. And you are dehydrated when you first get up.

Extremely dehydrated. If you’re not drinking when you first get up in the morning, you need to, because it will make a huge difference. Any last things I want to say, that’s really it. I just wanted to keep it real short and simple. Make sure that you are getting your water is so important, particularly if you’re spending a lot of time outside.

If you’re in cool environment, human environments. Remember, our body needs water. 65% to 70% of our body is made up of water. The cells, organs, tissue, glands all need water.

In order to stay healthy, you got to get into your system. I hope you enjoyed this video. Please leave your comments below. I believe there’ll be many and most important, make it a great day. I’m Dr. Alan Mandel.

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