The Most Powerful SEED on the Planet: Overcoming Serious Health Issues

This is ground flaxseed. Yes. You must ground up the seed, because if you don’t, it’s not going to get absorbed properly into our gut, into our bloodstream. So when we ground this up, these magical healing nutrients, these alpha linolenic acid, these omega three s are going to do wonderful things.

The Most Powerful SEED on the Planet: Overcoming Serious Health Issues
The Most Powerful SEED on the Planet: Overcoming Serious Health Issues

The health and wealth of our bodies, when it comes to our eyes, our heart, our brain, our colon, our liver, our blood, our cholesterol, preventing cholesterol from getting in those arteries and plaqueing them from our triglycerides to so many different organ systems, tissues, glands, as well as the cells throughout our entire body.

When we’re talking about flaxseed, let me share some facts so you can get excited, so your health can continue to blossom. Omega three s are known to help improve your eye health. It improves a component of the retina of your eyes.

And getting enough omega three can reduce the risk of macular degeneration, one of the leading causes of permanent eye damage and blindness around the world. And it will help reduce heart attacks and stroke, which is the world’s leading cause of death.

As flaxseed can help reduce those triglycerides, as well as the bad cholesterol, the low density lipoproteins. And studies also show that it will improve the good cholesterol, those hdls, the high density lipoproteins, which brings the bad cholesterol in the arteries back to the liver, so it can be excreted from the body.

And all diseases are known to have inflammation. But omega three s reduces inflammation throughout all the cells of your body. So it doesn’t matter what type or name of the disease you call it. It only matters how can you reduce the inflammation so your body can repair and heal. And why is flaxseed so healing to your digestive system?

Because it’s a soluble fiber. Soluble fiber absorbs those fluids, it starts to become like a gel. And while doing so, it slows the absorption of digestion. It slows the absorption of glucose getting into the cells. It prevents insulin resistance. It makes you more insulin sensitive.

That soluble fiber is a prebiotic. So when it gets to the colon, where your microbiome is, where your probiotics are, your probiotics will start feeding on those prebiotics, that soluble fiber that flaxseed produce. So by eating this soluble fiber, your microbiome is getting stronger, meaning your immune system is going to get stronger.

Inflammation is going to start decreasing throughout your body, so you get so much more energy and better health. And the omega three s and flaxseed can help reduce fat in your liver. We call that nonalcoholic fatty liver.

And it’s believed to affect 25% of the global population. And usually coming from excessive carbohydrates, a poor diet. And those omega three s can help reduce that inflammation so that liver can continue to heal and repair.

And those omega three s are known to improve bone and joint health. This helps prevent osteoporosis as well as arthritis. These are DISORders that affect your skeletal system. It will help improve your bone strength by boosting the amount of calcium into your bones and females.

When you feel bloaty, distended, those cramps, that discomfort at that time of the month, those omega three s and flaxseeds can do wonderful things to alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, and to get you feeling much better so much quicker.

And research shows that the omega three s and flaxseed can help improve your sleep. As this can Help Increase your hormone melatonin, which is secreted in the pineal gland of your brain. As this will help you get to sleep faster and sleep more deeply through the night.

And flaxseed is known to help your skin, your nails, as well as your hair. It reduces the risk of acne and will ALso help in preventing premature aging and safeguarding against sun damage. When I look at flaxseed, the first thing comes to my mind is the cardiovascular system, your heart and your arteries.

I think of lowering blood pressure, which it does, allowing the heart to work at its maximum efficiency. So that blood can get to all the tissues, glands, organs and cells and preventing atherosclerosis. That hardening of the arteries, that plaqueing within the arteries, preventing that from happening by just supplementing with flaxseed.

And flaxseeds have so many nutritious nutrients, vitamins, minerals, those omega three s. And how do you eat this? So many different ways. It’s got that nutty flavor. You can put it on your yogurts, your cottage cheese, your fruits in your cereals.

I like to put it in my smoothies. I take my frozen berries, frozen banana, put my almond milk in there. I like to put a tablespoon of cacao in there, throw some almonds in there. Whatever nuts you like, could be walnuts or peanut butter. I blend it up.

It comes out just like an ice cream smoothie. It is delicious. And what I love about this, it gives you lots of satiety. I don’t crave any food. So if you’re looking to lose weight, take off the pounds. This is something that’s great for you. This will make a tremendous difference in your health.

And you’ll notice, by the way, which I didn’t say before, I need to tell you now, you’re going to get regular. If you’re stuffed up and constipated, you want to lose weight, you want to get that bloating out of you, these flaxseeds will do it.

I promise you. I am a perfect example. I hope you enjoyed this video. I ask you to please share it with your friends and family. Hopefully they can benefit from it as well. Please leave your comments below. And most important, make it a great day. I’m Dr. Alan Mandel.

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