The Reasons You Still Have Tinnitus

Hi it’s Joey Remini here from seeking balance calmed. What are you I’m a vestibular audiologist and neuroplasticity therapists and I’m specialized in helping people heal complex cases of vertigo or tinnitus

Today I want to talk about some of the essential things you need to know for healing tinnitus and what I want to talk about is the things not to do okay these are the things that keep you trapped in chronic symptoms and make it close to impossible for you to ever recover or heal so first of all

I want to say it is possible to have tinnitus for distressing tinnitus for your whole life right i’ve seen people and heard of people who simply don’t believe they can ever heal they don’t ever start trying to heal they wait for other people to fix them and consequently they have symptoms their whole lives

The Reasons You Still Have Tinnitus

Because they never end up in that proactive health focused neuroplasticity form of recovery so while it is possible to heal tinnitus here’s a few things that will make sure that never happens number one is that you focus on your symptoms all the time you hate them you’re distressed about them you talk about them you’re constantly trying to get rid of them so when you’re stuck in this place of focusing on the problem and the relationship

Between you and the sensations in your body between you and your tinnitus is one of hatred and dislike and annoyance that’s an emotional part of your brain that is keeping the tinnitus up in a very high priority area in the neuroplasticity process it’s keeping your tinnitus louder

Because when we have it a charged emotional reaction to something the brain sort of goes oh okay this is a problem so I’m going to shift it up a bit higher so when you’re highly focused on it and the relationship you have to it is about hatred annoyance frustration and anger the brain will keep it in a higher priority and keep more neurons firing keeping that sound very active and very much

At the front of your brain the second thing that will keep you from healing and prevents you from recovery is not believing it’s possible if you never learn about neuroplasticity if you never learn about emotional regulation if you never learn about the power of your brain to change you probably

I’m not going to invest any time or any money in learning how to change your own brain so if you don’t believe it’s possible it’s it’s hugely unlikely you will ever commit to a successful program and give yourself the time to heal and I would say number three is expecting instant miracles are expecting somebody else to fix you for example maybe you think oh well

If I do this meditation then my tinnitus will disappear it doesn’t work like that neuroplasticity and your body’s ability to change over time takes baby steps you know think about learning the piano you can’t watch a youtube interview or in your video on the piano and then sudden they go well I should be able to play the piano

Now no he still need to buy a piano practice piano get a piano teacher buy piano books or piano resources and have a daily practice so you can build up that neuro plasticity muscle memory and relationship between you and the piano there’s an entire learning process so if you’re expecting a quick fix and you’re thinking

Oh well if I go see the EMT and if I get an MRI maybe I will heal no investigations tests and doctors can’t help you it’s not their job their job is to make sure that you’re alive you’re not dying there’s no stroke there’s no tumor the doctors job is to support you from any sinister complicated condition that requires immediate medical intervention the minute

You have medical clearance and the land the medical world is saying look we can’t find any reason for your tinnitus you are healthy and you’re safe that’s when you say thank you very much and you move on towards healing going through infinite testing and investigation is not going to help you heal and I can’t remember what number

I’m up to but the next one I would say is relying on external treatment so if you’re taking lots of anti-anxiety pills antidepressant pills even supplements you know whether that be hormonal supplements or vitamin supplements I would just be really questioning yourself am I expecting an outside source to fix me okay there’s nothing wrong with having people around you and supplements and diets and

The Reasons You Still Have Tinnitus
The Reasons You Still Have Tinnitus

Medication to help you holistically in an integrated way but none of that is going to change your neurons and change the settings that you need to change so that your brain filters out the tinnitus so taking pills is not gonna change you using masking devices and hearing aids may not change you either okay it’s really up to you and your relationship to your body this requires self kindness self compassion and patience

And I’m going to repeat that because it’s actually really important self kindness self compassion and patience you need to believe in your body you need to trust the innate wisdom in your body and this is what I do for a living I help people shift from that external validation place of wanting other people to fix them and I teach them how to become the expert in themselves how to listen to the messages their body are giving them

And one of those messages is likely to be tinnitus and so what is the tinnitus communicating what is your body actually asking for and when I say that it’s not always complicated like you know if you’re cold your body’s saying hey get me a scarf or beanie or a jumper or take me indoors I’m cold if you get this urge like you’re super hungry your body’s telling you

Hey I want to eat I haven’t eaten recently and I want to eat you’re getting this internal body sensation of hunger and then we can respond to that by either saying look I’m actually fasting today so I’m deliberately hungry or we can say sure buddy

I’m going to get your meal what would you like to eat it’s about talking to yourself treating yourself like you would treat your best friend the process of healing tinnitus requires a very deep amount of humility and self-love I’m gonna say and that can sound a bit well

Well out there but it really does the people who have the longest lasting most effective and most rapid results when they meet me they say Joey this is the best self development i’ve ever done i’ve really wanted to do to learn more about meditation or to really learn more about self help and this program this private therapy process of learning about my tinnitus has taken me to has opened up doors and taken me to a whole new level of self knowing

And self understanding self wisdom and self confidence so it really does take a huge amount of humility and self-love so to recap don’t expect others to fix you because they can’t know else can change your neurons or shift your neurons or tell your brain how to reprioritize and filter out your tinnitus

Only you can do that and you need to learn how to do that for yourself don’t focus on medication supplements and devices is to be a one-stop quick fix don’t expect quick changes yes it can happen rapidly and I have seen people go from severe tinnitus to know tinnitus extremely rapidly

But don’t expect it just to be gentle patient and remove your expectations all together listen to your body trust your body and support your body because your body is on your team so don’t talk about your tinnitus all the time don’t blame your tinnitus your tinnitus is not actually causing your problems it’s your relationship to your body

That is causing the distress and the anger and the frustration the tinnitus sounds are healthy they’re inside of your body and they actually belong there and what we need to teach the brain is that they’re safe not important and get that noise cancellation system working throughout your brain pathways to filter it out again the tinnitus is allowed to be there 24/7 it’s not going to hurt you

And no it’s not important no it’s totally irrelevant it’s not going to hurt you but we need to teach your brain to stop making it louder and the only way to do that is to stop focusing on it don’t expect anyone else to take your tinnitus away or any machine or any fancy gadget to remove it for you

I think it’s really important you back yourself and understand that you are the only person who can do that for yourself and you need to learn how this is an integrated gentle healing process it’s a physical mental emotional and spiritual process and the question

I ask you is are you ready for that what is your tinnitus telling you and are you ready to listen to it to hear it and to reset it and the only way to do that is to really understand your body and your own personal healing processes

I can help you with that process if you’re interested in private therapy or through a self-study program called rocksteady look at seeking balance calm day you and please reach out don’t go through this alone and just be honest with yourself are you expecting somebody else to create miracles and fix you or are you genuinely patiently and compassionately going within to help your body reset and update the settings within your brain your body and your inner ears so look

I hope your tinnitus teaches you something super valuable that helps you come out the other end with a lot more self love and self-acceptance and I hope everybody who hears this youtube clip gets the supports they need to heal visit seeking balance comdata you and i’m very happy to support you if this is something you feel ready for bye for now

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