The Secret Way to Boost Collagen for Younger Looking Skin

Welcome everyone. Dr. Mandel here. Wouldn’t it be beautiful to feel beautiful, to feel refreshed and vibrant, to allow our face to become rejuvenated. And that’s what we’re going to do today, to allow, allow your body to start secreting collagen to keep it healthy and glowing. There are many muscles within our facial region that we neglect.

And my mission today is to work those muscles, stimulate blood supply, increase nutrition, increase collagen so you can look beautiful and have your skin glowing once again. So I hope you’re ready to make these changes. They’re fast, fun and effective.

Take your thumbs, put it underneath the cheekbone, next to your nasal region right here. I want you to lower your jaw down as far as you can and you’ll hold it down for 7 seconds. Let’s go all the way down. Nice firm pressure. Hold it down. Good.

The Secret Way to Boost Collagen for Younger Looking Skin
The Secret Way to Boost Collagen for Younger Looking Skin

You’ll feel nice burning in here. A nice stimulation. Now take your thumbs, come off about an inch. Let’s do the same thing. Push up underneath the cheekbone. Drop your jaw all the way down. Good. You should feel those muscles really stretch in there. Hold it down.

Good. Okay, one more time. About a half inch to an inch. All the way on the outside of the cheekbone. One more time. Push up. Get a nice tissue pull on the, on the, on the cheek there. Get a nice tight contact and let’s go ahead. One more time.

Drop your jaw all the way down. Good. You’ll feel different muscles really stretch. Hold that jaw nice and tight. Drop the chin far as you can. Down. Keep holding it. Beautiful. You’ll feel a nice sensation in here. You have many blood vessels and nerves that control this whole involved area.

This is very effective. So after working the nasal and upper mouth region, now we’re going to work the jawline. And this is fun and really effective. Let’s take our thumb and push it against our chin right here. And what we’re going to do here is that we’re going to push it in.

And as we push in, we’re going to open our mouth. And while we bring our lips together, we’re going to have a firm pressure on our thumb pushing in and down. So we’re going to resist our mouth coming together. It’s going to look like this.

And you’re going to do that for about 30 seconds. Let’s go. Good. And you’ll feel these deep muscles really tightening up, stretching. Beautiful. It’s okay to look funny. That’s really going to work those muscles all around the jaw region and help increase lots of circulation.

You’re doing great. Now let’s work around the eye orbits and the frontal region. What we’re going to do is take our pads of our fingers, put it on our cheekbones on the outside and we’re going to pull it down. And while pulling down, you’re going to open your eyes as wide as you can. Look up and you’ll come back down. You’ll look up and you’ll come back down.

You’ll look a little funny if you’re looking at yourself. You’re going to do this for about 20 seconds. Let’s go. Hold it down. Look up. Come down. Up. Down. Up. Keep nice, firm pressure on those pads. Down. Hold it down. Look up. Beautiful.

You’re working lots of very important muscles here. Down. One more time, down. Now, that last exercise is very important because we really ever worked those muscles around the eye orbits. You’ll notice right after that tingling. And you’ll also feel that your eyes can open up a lot easier. That’s what muscles do, allow things to move within our body.

Now, this next exercise is going to cause neural stimulation to the brain, so the brain can react and increase blood supply. And the ultimate thing is the body to produce more collagen so your skin looks more beautiful.

What we’re going to do here is we’re going to take our fingers, three fingers on each hand. And I just want you just to pinch around the jawline, just like this, all the way in the middle, and come back out. I want you to do this for about 20 seconds.

Just keep pinching. Feels kind of funny, but you’ll feel a difference. Keep pinching. Pinching. This is very, very effective. Now we’re going to do topotment. Take these two fingers on both hands. I just want you this to like you’re playing the drums on your skin. Just move it around the facial area. No, you’re not beating yourself up. Your body is loving this.

This is going to cause hyperemia, more increased blood supply, more stimulation, and obviously more healing and more collagen. And you can do this anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute. And if you do not do any of these exercises, this one exercise right here is probably the most important because this causes a lot of vasal stimulation, neural stimulation, and this will really help the body repair and heal.

And now this last exercise is going to stimulate points in the ear. If you ever look at points within the ear, they correlate to specific parts within our body. It stimulates the brain. So instead of putting needles or acupuncture in there, we’re going to stimulate it with our fingers.

And this is what we’re going to do. Take these two fingers, grab the lower part of your ear. Grab it and pull it out. Let it go like this. Keep doing that about 10 seconds. Good. Let’s go a little higher. Okay, beautiful. Grab it and pull it a little higher up. Good. Grab it and pull it.

Don’t be afraid to pull the ears. And the last point, let’s go up on top. Beautiful. It’s going to feel like you’re getting a lot of heat in there. That is very, very healthy. Now, you should feel lots of stimulation. And I wouldn’t doubt if many of your symptoms start to dissipate because of stimulating these neurological points.

Look at the points that you stimulated. Look at the complexity of how all these different parts of the body are communicating with the ear and the brain. I am really proud of you because you’ve taken the time to do a great deed for your own health.

Not only to help increase collagen, to increase beauty and better skin, but for your total wellbeing. Please share this video with your friends and family. Leave your comments below because I know there’ll be many. And most important, make it a great day. I’m Dr. Allen Mandel. Thank you.

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