2 Fingers Can Fix Constipation

Welcome. If you’re one of those people who goes to the bathroom less than three times a week, you are considered constipated. If you have them bloating and cramps and that distension and you’re not getting enough fiber, you’re not hydrating, you’re not getting enough exercise or even side effects of that medication, I have something that’s going to do magic for you.

2 Fingers Can Fix Constipation
2 Fingers Can Fix Constipation

It’s going to get you to go real quick. And this is coming from a medical study on the effects of perennial self acupuncture on constipation coming out of the Journal of General Internal Medicine. And this is about doing self acupressure on the perennial region, or the perineum, which is between the male and female areas and the anal region, that band of tissue and those areas are extremely rich of nerve innervation.

And by stimulating that area with the two fingers for about a minute, just putting pressure in there and sliding it around in circles that will stimulate those nerves to help increase peristalsis in the intestinal area, which will relax the anal sphincter in a Pubile rectallus muscle and help increase movement of the stools so it can be released from your body.

This is also very effective for hemorrhoids because if you’re straining and you’re constipated, it’s going to put more pressure in those veins. So this can also be very effective for you. And chronic constipation could be a major problem causing auto intoxication of waste that can actually make its way back into the bloodstream, causing inflammation throughout the body.

But you must make sure you’re hydrating. Getting that fiber is so important exercise, and you must get rid of those refined and processed foods that is binding you up. That will be more inflammation for your body. It will make the condition more complicated. Get those probiotics, eat those fermented foods. Kefir yogurt. That’s excellent for your gut.

Remember, the gut and the brain work hand in hand. If you want to think clearly, you need to make sure that your gut is working correctly. Also that immune system. If your immune system is weak, you’re getting sick. Often you feel run down. You need to strengthen the gut.

So I challenge you the next time you sit on the can, take two fingers, go in the piraneal area, massage the area, put pressure in there. Do it for about a minute, and you will see amazing changes. Please share this video with your friends and family. Leave your comments below. And most important, make it a great day. I’m Dr. Alan Mandel.

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