3 Days Help You Lose Weight Immediately?

Being overweight and obese makes the body extremely tired, making you lose confidence in clothing and communication. At the same time causing a lot of health consequences when by losing weight in 3 days just by strictly following the menu after only 3 days, you will definitely get weight loss results:

3 Days Help You Lose Weight Immediately?
3 Days Help You Lose Weight Immediately?

For breakfast you eat 1 chicken egg and an apple
For lunch you eat 1 medium purple sweet potato and 1 bell pepper
For dinner you ate an apple equal to a carton of yogurt
and also this is very important you remember to drink from 2 to 2.5 liters of water per day and do not eat anything more.
This is just the initial challenge to see if you are capable of losing weight on your own? In three days let Lucie know how much weight you have lost? Lucie helps you continue to lose the weight you want and stay beautiful and healthy.

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