3 Things To Keep In Mind When You Have Colon Disease

3 things to remember carefully, If you have Colon Disease, Have you ever had an uncomfortable feeling, really want to defecate throughout the day but can’t go to your stomach, you always feel bloated. If you know these three ways then all that discomfort will be reduced immediately:

3 Things To Keep In Mind When You Have Colon Disease
3 Things To Keep In Mind When You Have Colon Disease

Firstly, you need to have an appropriate ratio of nutrients as follows in each meal, each meal you should follow the ratio of 85% plant-based food, 35% animal origin, in which cereals account for about 50% of vegetables and fruits account for 30 to 40%, the remaining 10 to 15% is animal meat.
If this ratio is not correct, you do not have to worry about your colon disease.
Secondly, if you have a disease of the colon, foods, you should not eat peanuts, beans, broccoli, corn, mushrooms, onions, because they have a high fiber content and cause bloating and indigestion for people with colon. In addition, foods that people with colon disease should absolutely not eat are sauces and fats, foods containing a lot of lactose such as sweet fruit milk.
Otherwise, it will cause bloating and diarrhea, avoid eating meat that contains a lot of fat, so use lean meat. If possible and best you should eat fish to make the colon easy to digest and finally abstain from smoking, alcohol, alcohol, spicy foods, soft drinks and carbonated drinks.
Diseases come from the mouth, so please help yourself heal by choosing foods as above. And if you are having problems with the health of your colon, it’s been a long time since you wanted to fix it quickly, please leave a message under the video to receive support for your health and beauty every day.

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