Do This 1 Thing Before Getting Out of Bed

Well, before you get out of bed, there’s one particular stretch you definitely want to do. This is going to make all the difference to free your lower back up, your sacral iliac, your hips, to release those tight muscles into the buttocks area, as well as the piriformis.

Do This 1 Thing Before Getting Out of Bed
Do This 1 Thing Before Getting Out of Bed

And that piriformis muscle, particularly all the sitting we do every single day, is what affects that sciatic nerve that comes underneath the buttocks. It goes down the leg, affecting our calves, our feet. We get cramping, burning, tingling, numbness, pain.

But this stretch is going to mobilize our hips. It’s going to open up our pelvic floor. It’s going to allow you to sit up much easier, stand up easier, as well as bending much easier, particularly tying your shoes, brushing your teeth or just doing work around the house.

So let’s get right to it. We’re going to lay on our back. And yes, you might have seen similar exercises to this, but hold on. I want you to take your involved area, which is my left buttocks, my left lower back area, and put it behind your other knee like this.

And as you do this, you’ll start to feel some pulling in here. Just relax. Let the pulling happen. Don’t stress it, don’t get into pain. Just hold it in that position until it eases up. Now, you’ll take this leg and you’ll scoot it back towards your body like this.

And you’ll feel more stretching in here. Just hold it there. 1015 seconds, 20 seconds until it eases up. And you’ll keep pulling back until you get even more of a stretch. Now, many of you may be all the way out here, which is okay, this will get better, I promise you.

Just do your best. Because by doing this, this is releasing that pariformis muscle. This is going to release that tight buttocks. But hold on. What I want you to do is you’re going to take the hand on where the knee is right here, and you’re going to push the knee forward.

As you start twisting that hip, opening the hip joint, you’re going to twist it like this. Now, you should really feel it and you can bring it back a little bit more. But here’s the exciting part. Once you take all that tension out and once you release those tight muscles, now, I want to increase mobility in the hip joint to regain internal rotation, external rotation, and to release the muscles in our lower back as well.

So now we’re just going to start to twist side to side, just like this. And what you’re going to notice here is that your mobility is going to get so much better. You just keep doing this for a good minute. And you see, right now this is all I can go.

This is as far as I can go. Keep that tension, pushing that knee forward. But you’ll notice as you keep twisting, both your hips are moving internally and externally. It’s starting to rotate, freeing up the joint, increasing synovial fluid.

You’ll notice if you look at my knee now, it’s going over further because your mobility is going to increase. This is going to trick the brain. As you just continue to do this, the muscles will start to ease even more and more and more.

I just want you to rock back and forth, rock back and forth and do this for a minute or two. This is going to make all the difference. Once you finish this side, I definitely want you to do the other side as well. Bring the other knee up, leg behind you. See how tight this is right here?

Just keep bringing it back easy. And then eventually, over time, you’ll bring this forward. Now, you’ll notice one side is going to be much tighter, but after you take all the tension out doing this for a minute, then you’ll rock this back and forth as well.

But you’re always going to notice one side is going to be much tighter than the other. But I promise you, do this stretch, when you get up, you’re going to feel all that mobility. You’re going to be able to twist easier, bend forward, and most important, you’re going to prevent injuries from occurring.

You can do this exercise with any type of disc problem, muscle spasm. It’s safe because you’re not putting any extra load on the disc. But the good thing is when you just bring your knees up like this, that’s going to open up the holes, the space where the nerves come through, that come out of the lower back, that affect the muscles, that go into the buttocks, that go down the legs.

It’s going to take that pressure off. So this is going to help you as well. Do this stretch daily before you get out of bed. And I promise you, your body’s going to love you. Share this video with your friends and family because I know it’s going to help them as well. And most important, make it a great day. I’m Dr. Alan Mandel.

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