Embrace the Baby’s Secret: Wake Up Your Nervous System Every Morning

There’s something that you could be doing every morning that most of us don’t even think about. It’s called stimulating your facial muscles, stimulating those nerves that go to the brain. The community vacation between the muscle and brain.

Embrace the Baby's Secret: Wake Up Your Nervous System Every Morning
Embrace the Baby’s Secret: Wake Up Your Nervous System Every Morning

And the brain and muscle is always going on within our body and it’s so important. And what about our skin? The building of collagen, the building of elastin to keep your skin smooth, prevent wrinkles, keep it healthy.

And just lightly stimulating your face helps your skin absorb nutrients. It encourages lymph drainage to reduce puffiness and damage from free radicals. It eliminates toxins, it improves the flow of oxygen and allows your skin’s ability to breathe.

It stimulates collagen production to smooth wrinkles. It helps balance the effect of your oil and sweat glands as well as reducing stress. And that’s something that everyone would want, no stress. So we’re going to stimulate the muscles, the skin, by doing specific exercises to get better communication to the brain, to send messages from the brain back to the skin, to help increase the production of collagen and to keep you healthy and to awaken you so you can enjoy the day.

Now, think about this. When a baby wakes up first thing in the morning, what’s the first thing that they do? Not crying. They rub their eyes. Why? They rub their eyes because they’re tired? No, most babies get a lot of sleep.

They rub their eyes because they’re stimulating muscles. They’re awakening their nervous system, they’re awakening that communication to the brain so they can get up and play. So what we’re going to do first is that we’re going to stimulate our eyes.

First thing you get up in the morning, you’re going to take the palm of your hands, of both hands, and put it over your eyes. Do not push against the eyes. And you’re just going to go in little circles like this. You can go clockwise or counterclockwise. Just do this for about 15 seconds. This builds up heat, builds up circulation. You bring blood to the area called hyperemia and just stimulate your eyes.

Wow. Take it away. And what do you feel? You feel rejuvenation. You feel blood coming in there. It helps your vision, it awakens you. When it comes to our hearing as well as our balance, it’s communicating with the brain. So let’s take our hands again and put it over our ears and we’re going to do the same thing.

We’re going to push in and we’re going to whirl it around clockwise or counterclockwise. And you’re going to do that for 15 seconds. You’re going to hear, wow, stimulate the ears, 15 seconds, keep stimulating it. Beautiful. And just feel the difference.

That’s circulation, that’s blood, that’s hyperemia, that’s communication with our nervous system. This will awaken your body, awaken your nervous system and help keep you healthy and to send more neuro stimulation to the brain.

By stimulating those neurons in the brain, you’re going to take the palms of your hands again and instead of whirling it around like this, you’re going to push in and release. In and release. Do that, 15 seconds. Go ahead. You’re going to hear like a popping sound.

Now this is extremely good for tinnitus. Ringing in the ears, vertigo, balance, proprioception, you’re going to do that, 15 seconds and just listen, feel your body, feel what’s happening inside, feel how it’s awakening you.

And very few of us spend much time on our head because most of us have hair. I don’t so want you to take your fingers, I just want you to do this to your head, stimulate the hair, stimulate the top of the skull, stimulate the hair follicles.

This is extremely healthy for you. This stimulates the brain, this stimulates the hair follicles by bringing hyperemia, more blood supply to the area, more nutrients to the area. This stimulates the neurons in your brain that’s connected to your entire body and it’s extremely healthy for you.

Relax. Feel the stimulation that’s awakening your system. And lastly, let’s stimulate our face by tapping. You can use your pads or your fingers, whatever’s easy for you. And I want you to tap. Don’t be afraid to hurt yourself because this is not going to hurt you.

This is going to stimulate more blood supply, reduce the exudates, the waste toxins, increase lymph flow, increase collagen. This is extremely healthy. I just want you to tap along for about 2020, 5 seconds. I know it looks a little bit funny. Don’t worry about it.

I promise you, you’re going to see great changes. You can tap your neck, your face, your forehead, and you’re going to feel what we call hyperemia. When you get done, relax, feel that tingling. That’s hyperemia.

That’s stimulating from the brain back to the surface of the skin. It’s causing many biochemical changes in your body right now. And this is going to stimulate your central nervous system and that’s the system that’s connected to all the systems in the body, all the cells, tissues, glands and organs by just doing this little technique.

I hope this makes your day a beautiful day. And remember, take a minute or two every day and you will feel the difference. Please share this video with your friends and family. Leave your comments below because I’m sure there’ll be many. And most important, make it a great day. I’m Dr. Alan Mandel.

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