The Hidden Harm Of Drinking Cold Water

Now here’s some cold water. Many of you are saying, well, I love cold water, but hold on. I want to talk about the potential problems that we could experience drinking cold water when we’re eating our meals.

And there’s no doubt that drinking ice cold water when our body’s overheated is not going to hurt us because us, our body can bring its back, bring its temperature back to where it needs to go, probably a little easier or a little faster with that cold water.

The Hidden Harm Of Drinking Cold Water
The Hidden Harm Of Drinking Cold Water

But if your body is at a normal temperature, you’re at home, you’re relaxed, you’re not burning calories, but you’re eating. What can it do for you? Or what can’t it do for you? There’s no doubt that I like room temperature water because it can’t harm you.

But if you are one that likes hot water, let me just tell you a few things that it can do that’s actually good for you. Hot water can help stimulate your digestive system and promote the digestion of your food as it helps break down what you’ve consumed to help move it through your intestines.

And there’s no doubt that when you drink hot water, it’s relaxing, it’s calming, you feel more tranquil, easier to go to sleep. It causes vasodilation, more blood supply getting to our intestines as well as our body, and it can give you that endorphin relief when you feel maybe less pain, more happy, just plain relaxed.

And drinking hot water can help relieve congestion, may soothe a sore throat, particularly if you are drinking tea, maybe putting some honey in it. And there’s no doubt it’s definitely good for the respiratory system.

And drinking cold water while eating can decrease your digestion, affect your enzymes, slow things down, causing vasoconstriction. And that means less blood supply. Go into your digestive tract, and for some individuals, it may give you that stomach ache, that sudden temperature change can lead to a shock like sensation.

But when you have that cold water, just like if it’s cold sodas, because everywhere you go, restaurants are always serving you drinks with ice. And there’s no doubt that many of you will find no harm while drinking your cold soda or your cold water with your meal. But I want you to know that drinking too much water can affect your digestive enzymes.

Because if you’re diluting your digestive enzymes, the function of what they’re there for to help digest your proteins, your carbs, your fats will be diluted, and that can lead to cramping as well as gas and cold temperatures can also affect the natural muscle contractions that move the food through the digestive system.

This delay can affect not only your emptying of your stomach and your transit of food through your intestines, but this will potentially cause more discomfort and bloating. And drinking cold water may temporarily lower your temperature of your stomach and your overall body, which can affect your metabolic processes.

An erupt temperature change in the stomach could also impact the balance of good and bad bacteria in your gut, affecting overall digestive health. You could think of it this way. Our temperature of our body is approximately 98.6 degrees.

Some people may be a little higher, a little lower, but there is a reason why it’s that degrees. That’s where metabolism works best.

That’s when enzymes, which are specific chemicals that cause these specific chemical effects in the process of drinking and eating those enzymes are designed to digest and drinking cold water can halt it or slow it down, obviously causing bloating, pain, cramping.

And this potentially can affect your bowel movements where you’re just not going to the bathroom regularly because this is a shock to your digestive system. And I believe that many of us who drink ice cold sodas or water, I think it’s more of a habitual type of thing, something you might have done when you were a kid growing up, or just might have thought that this is a normal thing that goes on in restaurants.

I always bring you ice water, ice soda. Well, I’m not here to make that determination for you because you might have been drinking cold ice water your whole life and never had a problem. But again, there are many of those people out there who have problems who’ve never really found the right diagnosis and it just might be in your glass.

Yes, that ice that you’re using day after day. I hope you found this video helpful. Please share it with your friends and family. Leave your comments below. And most important, make it a great day. I’m Dr. Alan Mandel.

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